Fishing : What’s your trick?

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There have been times when a BBQ chook is out of our budget so we have to go fishing for our dinner.  The last thing we want is to be standing on a jetty in the wind and the cold for hours with nothing to show for it.  We wanted to make sure that if we go fishing, that we’ll definitely catch something.   That’s how we discovered




This website explains what tides are and how they affect fishing, and also goes into solunar tables, which are periods of high activity in living things due to the relationship between the sun and the moon.  It covers the tides of the whole world, and once you select a country, you can narrow down your location by state and towns.



Once you’ve narrowed down your position, the information provided includes a tide chart that shows when the tides are high or low, a solunar chart that shows when fish activity is at its greatest, and a tide timetable for the rest of the week.


Some days are better than others to go fishing.  We’ve noticed from analysing the chart that the best time to fish is usually during full or new moon when tides peak at their highest and lowest.


Check out the website – it has been really useful for us:


Our wet bag full of fishies!

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