Experience : The Pinnacles

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The Pinnacles

Within Nambung National Park is a landscape covered with thousands of limestone pillars up to 4 meters tall.  Some are jagged, some are smooth, and they all contribute to an eerie panorama that resembles somewhere light-years from earth.



The Pinnacles are located about 17km south of Cervantes and are definitely worth stopping for.  There is a discovery centre where you can learn about the formations and animals that live in the area, as well as a scenic drive and walking track.  Being the immature idiots we are, we set out to find cock rock but were distracted by the variety of shapes and textures, and the overall strangeness of the Pinnacle’s existence.


While the formation of the Pinnacles is still shrouded in mystery, it’s clear that they were made from seashells thousands of years ago which eventually created a variety of limestone called Tamala Limestone.  Over the years, the Pinnacles have been covered and uncovered by shifting sands, and it is assumed that one day, they will be covered by sand once again.



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