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We just luuuuurve coffee and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit The Naked Bean in Albany!


The Naked Bean started 12 years ago with a small 1kg roaster.  They would roast their own coffee to use in their little corner café downtown in Albany.  Over time, coffee roasting took over and eventually they had to move into a warehouse to store all the bags of bean that they imported from all over the world.


The warehouse also doubles up as a café where you can sample their signature blend – Naked Espresso coffee.  It’s a delicious, full-bodied coffee that’s smooth and rounded, and if you purchase a Naked Bean keeper cup, you get a coffee for free!



They now use a 30kg roaster and make several espresso blends, single origins like Colombian Supremo and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, organic single origins and two decaffeinated varieties. The Organic Espresso is their award winner, earning second place in the Golden Bean competition.


The operations of the warehouse are viewable from the café and we were given a wonderful roasting demonstration in the big, red 30kg roaster.  Once the beans are roasted, they are released from the roaster and stirred to cool down before being sucked up and stored.   During this ‘sucking’ phase, any ‘non-coffee’ objects are discovered and removed from the batch, and they have found some pretty kooky stuff.  Once, they received Colombian beans with bullet casings in them, and other beans contained stones, nails and buttons!


The Naked Bean is open from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday and is located on Sanford Road in Albany.

Phone: 08 9841 4225

Website: http://www.thenakedbean.com.au/


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