Experience : The Hoochery Distillery

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We were taken to the Hoochery by Jarrod and Crystal on our way to Keep River, and we were excited about our first real distillery experience.


The Hoochery


About the Hoochery

Located about 15km north of Kununurra, the Hoochery is the oldest legal still in Western Australia and produces 100% Australian Ord River Rum.  It is a family owned and operated business that tries to use locally grown products whenever possible.


The owner, Raymond Dessert III (Spike) arrived in the Kimberley in 1972 and settled down to develop his business in seeds.  With the rise of the sugar cane industry in the Ord River Valley and an inspiring trip down to the wineries of southern Australia, Spike returned to Kununurra to create Ord River Rum using local sugar cane, wet season rainwater and yeast.


These days, the Hoochery is open 7 days a week until the start of the wet season, offering counter lunches, cake and tasting paddles in their rustic showroom and eating area.  Distillery tours run daily and farm tours are also available.


243 Weaber Plains Road, Kununurra

Phone: 08 9168 2467

Website: www.hoochery.com.au


The Hoochery


The Hooch

We got two tasting paddles at $5 each and tried the entire selection (except for the Aquardiente Verde Liquer, which tastes like aniseed).


  • Kimberley Moon Premium White Rum – 40%. Clear liquid matured in oak barrels for a smooth and light flavour… almost like vodka!
  • Ord River Rum (Premium) – 40%. It had a great smell and the flavour was full of oak, honey and dates.  It had a strong, spirited kick with a bit of burn.
  • Spike’s Reserve – 43%. Aged for 10 years, it had a sweet smell and a smooth entry but exploded with spirit and burn at the end.
  • Ord River Rum (Overproof) – 56.4%. Charcoal filtered for full flavour and a smooth finish, this rum was sweet like honey, almost viscous and very spirited.  There was a pleasant oaky flavour as well.
  • Ord River Rum (Barrel Strength) – 70%. WOW! This stuff will melt your face and blow your socks off!
  • Cane Royale Liqueur – 28%. Full of coffee, chocolate and rum, this stuff was divine and perfect for drizzling on top of your dessert.



The Cake

We got to sample some of their famous rum cake, as well as a slice of the spiced mango cake.


Juz’s first impression of the rum cake was that it needed more rum – it tasted very much like a plain chocolate cake.  She loved the spiced mango cake – the nutmeg really stood out even though it was super sweet, and it reminded her of Christmas.


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