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Dave and Juz


The Perry Sandhills are a natural formation that occurred after thousands of years of wind erosion.  The sand hills cover about 24 acres and are continually shifting and changing with the wind.  Over the years, bones of animals like kangaroos and wombats have been uncovered, as well as evidence that Aboriginal tribes used to live in the area.


Each year, the Mildura Wentworth Arts Festival organises it’s Music Under the Stars event at the sand hills, and the area even features in a few films and TV shows.


We didn’t have any cardboard when we were there, but we’ve heard that it’s heaps of fun to ride the cardboard down the dunes.

Where is it?

If you’re in Mildura, leave town via the Calder Hwy and cross over the Murray River into New South Wales.  You’ll pass through the town of Wentworth and the turnoff for Renmark Road is on the left just outside of town.


Once you’re on Renmark Road, go past the Wentworth Airport and you’ll start seeing the sand hills on your left.  There will be a long dirt driveway that leads to the edge of the area.


GPS Coordinates: -34.100789,141.868429


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