Experience : Flames of the Forest, Port Douglas QLD

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Flames of the Forest

For a truly magical and romantic experience in Port Douglas, you can’t go past the Flames of the Forest.  We were lucky enough to be treated to such an exquisite night by Juz’s sister during our birthday celebrations in September.  The event was a total secret to Juz – and when Cyn told her to put a nice dress on and a bus arrived to pick the four of us up – Juz was getting pretty excited.


We entered the forest and about 5 minutes later, the road was on fire.  The bus driver stopped and told us that it was time to get off.  A path lined by kerosene lanterns led us to a clearing in the forest.  A marquee had been set up, with beautiful jellyfish-like chandeliers, tables and candles, and a singer on stage playing Somewhere Over The Rainbow on her ukulele.



We sat down and noticed how many knives and forks there were – it looked like it was gonna be a gastronomical night!  Drinks were also plentiful, with two ladies walking around with wine all night.


Flames of the Forest


The first course was kangaroo carpaccio with rocket and parmesan cheese, drizzled with truffle oil and balsamic glaze – YUM!


The second course was the winner – smoked crocodile rillettes (sort of like paté) with crispy ciabatta crackers and a dill salsa verde, as well as crab tortellini in a fennel cream sauce.  Both of these were served on the same plate and both were ABSOLUTELY AMAZEBALLSTASTIC!


Next up was trout with some beans and white sauce – not so amazeballstastic, but all was redeemed with the next course – tender beef cheeks with potato and baby vegetables.


Dessert was divine – black sapote (chocolate pudding fruit) pave with orange blossom cream, raspberry sauce and a crispy nut toffee on top.  SO GOOD!



We had a quick boogie on the dance floor before the bus was back to whisk us away from the beautiful dreamscape and to our beds in the hostel.  Thank you so much Cyn and Matty for taking us to such a beautiful place.


Flames of the Forest

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