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One of the locations that we were told about over and over and over again was Coral Bay.  Apparently we had to go there, so as we made our way north from Carnarvon, it would have been stupid to not stop and see what the fuss is all about.


After we got a picture of the Tropic of Capricorn sign and the huge termite mounds that lined the highway, we pulled in to Coral Bay at about 10am.


Coral Bay


Coral Bay is barely a town.  It’s made up of two small groups of shops, a few tour outlets and the rest consists of caravan parks or resorts.  The main attraction is Bill’s Bay, a picturesque sheltered beach that’s perfect for swimming and snorkelling.  The Ningaloo Reef is only a few meters from the shore and Juz took the opportunity to check out the colourful coral and fishies.



After lunch, we headed over to the boat landing and fished off the breakwater.  After pulling out a few colourful fish, which we promptly threw back, Dave landed a black bream.  We were stoked and took it back into town to fillet it and cook it up on the BBQ.



At about 3:30pm, we wandered back down to the beach in time for the spangled emperor feeding.  A uniformed chick was providing information about fish while a small boy was being surrounded by a swarm of this variety snapper.  We got the opportunity to feed them and feel them swim past our legs, and sometimes in between them!



We bumped into our friends Mark and Alexis, who we had the pleasure of meeting down in Margaret River, and once we cleaned ourselves up, we sat down to a bottle of Marri Wood Reserve and chatted until the sun went down.


Coral Bay - sunset

The perfect day…


Coral Bay - Alexis, Dave, Juz, Mark


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  1. Dougie on said:

    Great trapeze shot of you both

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  3. Great shots guys – love the sunset one. How do you rate Coral Bay against the beaches further north?

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