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There is a place in Darwin where you can pay to feed the fish. Not like throwing bread off a jetty, but more like feeding the kangaroos in a wildlife park.



Feeding fish may not sound like a riveting way to spend Saturday morning but the tide was up and it was something on our list of things to do in Darwin.  The first thing we noticed as we approached the gates was the enormous marble statue of a fish in the surf.  It wasn’t the only statue there – there were statues of Charles Darwin and explorer John Stuart, sirens, dolphins, monkeys and happy buddhas.  The lovely ladies at the register told us that they are imported from South East Asia and we wondered how much it cost to bring the giant marble fish to Australia.



We paid $15 each to enter the fish feeding arena.  There were heaps of families with kids, as well as a few older folk sitting on their own and peacefully watching the fish.  Aquascene provide trays full of bread scraps, so when you arrive, you just grab a few slices and start throwing pieces into the water.



There are lots of fish.  Most are diamondscale mullet, but there are a few catfish and round batfish, and we saw a shovel nose ray and sting ray in the shallows.  There is a ramp that leads into the water so you can have fish swim around your ankles.  The surrounding statues and garden provide a peaceful atmosphere.


Location: 28 Doctors Gully Road, Dawrin

Phone: 08 8981 7837




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  1. douglas on said:

    would like to taste some of the fish

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