Eating Out : Vili’s Cafe, Mile End SA

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This empire was established by Vili Milisits, who fled communist Hungary in 1958 when he was only 9 years old.  When his family arrived in Adelaide after a long wait in England, Vili attended school and was put to work at 14 years old.


By the time he was 19, he was a qualified continental baker and was running his own business.  He didn’t start making pies and pasties until his sister asked him to do so for her snack shop, and he worked at redesigning the Aussie meat pie to be more acceptable for people of other cultural backgrounds.



We were told that this place was a secret love of Adelaideans, especially those who are up late at night because the café is open 24/7.  We stopped by to sample the food and while we walked in with an open mind, we walked out with clogged arteries.  Everything was so greasy and laden with fat.


The beer pie and cheese & bacon pasty were very average and the schnitzel and chips was a plate of mass produced gunk. Even the cakes in the display case looked like coronary heart disease topped with sprinkles.  Clearly, places like this don’t truly value premium quality, but more cheap quantity.

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3 thoughts on Eating Out : Vili’s Cafe, Mile End SA

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  2. Vicky on said:

    Looked at their link for the stuff they produce and must admit none of it looked appetising- all of it looked dry, stodgy and unappealing. Love cake but good, Acland street style cake not the stuff being sold as European on the website.

    Hope you guys find some good cake on the road 🙂

    • Ron D on said:

      Each to their own I guess. I went in asking for a cheese and bacon pasty and was told that they never made one, this was confirmed by Vili himself so i am not too sure where you had that one then.
      After reading the history about Vili being from a European background and sampling the cakes / pies I felt the quality was premium, perhaps you left your taste buds in the car

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