Eating Out : Tim’s Surf and Turf, Darwin NT

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Tim's Surf & Turf

Some mates were moving back to Adelaide and organised their farewell dinner at Tim’s Surf and Turf.  We had heard good things about this place so we walked in with great expectations.


The restaurant is surrounded by a full fence covered in faux-leaves, and inside is a beautiful courtyard with palm trees illuminated with green lights.  The restaurant seemed quite small, considering the reputation, but there was plenty of seating and space for everyone. There was also a magician that drifted from table to table to dazzle the patrons with a cheeky card trick or two.


Once we were seated, we were all given a menu form to fill out.  Once we had made our selections, we took our forms up to the counter and the lady checked everything, clarified whether we wanted chips, salad, vegetables or potato salad, etc, and sent our order to the kitchen.  We got an entrée of salt and pepper squid and for mains, Dave ordered the Surf n’ Bird while Juz went with the safe option of the chicken parmigiana.


The entrée came out surprisingly fast, considering how busy the place was.  There was about 7 pieces of squid served with a side of sweet chilli sauce; every morsel was evenly coated and curled into a scroll.  It was fresh, tender and absolutely delicious.



When the mains arrived, our eyes nearly popped out of our heads.  Juz’s parma took up the whole plate, with room enough for a small bowl of salad and a few pieces of steamed vegetables.  Dave’s plate was piled high with crinkle cut chips, two pieces of schnitzel covered in prawns and creamy sweet chilli sauce.  He immediately declared that he wouldn’t be able to finish his dinner while Juz accepted the challenge.


The chicken parma was delicious, even without ham.  The cheese must have been a combination of mozzarella and something like cheddar because the savoury flavours and melted texture were well balanced.  The tomato sauce was rich and flavoursome and worked well with the cheese.  The chicken fillet itself was huge and while there were some thin bits and some thick, juicy bits, it was all delicious.


Dave’s dinner was a little different.  The sauce was almost sickly sweet, so he scraped most of it off.  He didn’t bother much with the chips because they weren’t fantastic, especially after sitting on the plate for 20 minutes while he wrestled the chicken schnitzel.  He managed to finish off the prawns and schnitzel – after palming some off to Juz – but regretted forcing the last quarter of it down.


As we painfully rolled out of Tim’s Surf and Turf, we had mixed feelings.  We were impressed with the value, the atmosphere of the place and the friendly staff, but we couldn’t help but think that if they reduced their meal sizes and thus the price, it’d be a more waistline conscious place that had less food wastage.  We saw so many plates going back to the kitchen almost half full.  We’d be happy to go back again to try other items on the menu, but next time, we’ll be prepared for the huge amount of food.


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