Eating Out : The Little Larder, Port Douglas QLD

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Port Douglas


We drove up to Port Douglas to spend the day and stopped in at the Little Larder for lunch.  What drew us in was their sign that read, “serious sandwiches made by chefs”.  Sandwiches have a lot of potential.  They don’t have to be soggy, stale sandwiches that are left half eaten in your lunchbox – they can be culinary works of art and completely transform your midday meal.


We sat outside to do some people watching while we read the menu.  They had a great selection of breakfast meals but what really stood out was their list of sandwiches.  It was easy to pick what we wanted, and we even ordered some drinks because the Little Larder is licensed.


Dave got the pulled pork sandwich – toasted ciabatta filled with spice-rubbed slow cooked pork and mixed slaw, accompanied by a Mountain Goat Organic Steam Ale.  The meat was wonderfully tender and matched perfectly with the unique slaw.  What really stood out though was the bread, which was buttered and toasted on both sides!  The sandwich didn’t stand a chance against Dave’s hunger and was inhaled.


Port Douglas


Juz got the Reuben – a famous sandwich with rye bread filled with wagyu corned beef, sauerkraut, pickles, Swiss cheese and a creamy Russian dressing.  Each morish mouthful was bliss, and when the sandwich tragically ran out, Juz knew that her life would never be the same and all future sandwiches had been ruined.  To wash it down, Juz ordered a Rose Spritzer with Campari, blood orange and pineapple pieces.  It was a perfectly refreshing drink on that hot afternoon, with just the right amount of sweetness and bitterness and tropical flare.


Port Douglas


Lunch at the Little Larder was the perfect pit stop.  Not only did we get delicious sandwiches filled with quality ingredients, but the service was friendly and the prices were reasonable.  We highly recommend to anyone visiting Port Douglas that they stop in for a serious sandwich.


Port Douglas
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