Eating Out : The Barra Shak, Kununurra WA

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The guy who we bought the Troopy off found out that we were in Kununurra and strongly advised that we go to the Barra Shak for a barra burger.  How could we refuse?  One night after we had done the shopping, we saw the Barra Shak sign in the distance and decided that it was time for dinner.


The Barra Shak


We walked in and noticed the massive menu board to the left.  We found the barra burger at $14 with the lot, and also found kangaroo spring rolls at $5 for a pair.  We ordered, took our number and waited outside in their al fresco courtyard.


It wasn’t long before number 15 was called.  We gathered our bits and sat outside in the balmy air.  The first item to disappear was the barra burger.  It contained two battered fillets of barramundi, a fried egg and bacon with mayonnaise, cucumber, tomato and onion.  We took turns taking bites out of it, and it wasn’t long before it was gone because it was delicious.  You’ll find barramundi on the menu almost everywhere in northern Australia and now we know why.  This was our first taste of barra and within a day, we were fishing in the Keep River and eating them fresh from the water.  Yummo!!!



Next up were the kanga spring rolls.  They were bursting with exotic flavours like lemongrass and ginger – almost like a curry spring roll.  They tasted great but all the spices didn’t really allow the flavour of the kangaroo to come out.


We found the Barra Shak to be great value for money and the food tasted awesome.


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  1. Dougie on said:

    wish to be there sharing the fresh barra caught by you both

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