Eating Out : Streaky Bay Hotel Motel, SA

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Inside the Streaky Bay Hotel Motel

We were hungry and exhausted and the idea of having another sandwich for dinner was murder to our appetites. So Juz said the magic words – “let’s go to the pub”.


It was Thursday night – Schnitzel Night – which meant an incredible feed at an affordable price of $12.50.  We entered the roadhouse bistro about 10 minutes before the kitchen opened and sat down to unwind with a drink.  Juz was thrilled that they served Boston Bay Merlot so she enjoyed a glass while Dave necked a pint of West End.


As soon as the clock struck 6pm – we were at the register with our money.  Dave got the pork schnitzel with gravy and Juz got the chicken schnitzel with creamy garlic sauce.  Our order was taken to the kitchen and we went over to the salad bar to encumber the tiny side plates with as many vegetables as we could.  Balsamic mushroom salad, garden salad, rice, creamy potato salad and pasta salad were in the cold section while the bain-marie offered cauliflower and broccoli bake, roasted capsicums and golden potatoes.



Our schnitzels came out quickly and they were glorious.  Huge, juicy schnitzels covered in our choice of sauce, with a side of chips and a garnish of cabbage.  We ate – each delicious mouthful appreciated and enjoyed.  There was no time to take a sip of drink between mouthfuls; the food needed to be consumed.  When the schnitzel was over, Juz went back for another plate of creamy cauliflower, and then we were done.  Our eyelids were heavy and we were happy.


On the way out, Juz spotted a Herald Sun amongst the many copies of the Advertiser and she pained with happiness at the sight of familiar things from our home in Melbourne.  After a quick flick through the pages, she was reminded why it’s affectionately known as the Herald Scum, and she put it back.


Streaky Bay Hotel Motel

33 Alfred Terrace  Streaky Bay SA 5680

Phone: 08 8626 1008



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  1. Matty on said:

    I remember being totally disappointed with my schniztel from the Streaky Bay Hotel! Glad to see they have improved! 🙂 Also just testing out this little thing I added to the comment section to try stop all the spam!!!!

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