Eating Out : Shenannigans, Darwin NT

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Juz couldn’t be stuffed cooking so we decided to head into the city for the $20 Parma and Pint deal at Shenannigans – affectionately known as SHAGS.  We cruised into the city, easily found a car park on one of the busiest streets in Darwin, and strolled down to the pub.




Shenanningans is one of the most popular places on Mitchell Street because of the good food, great atmosphere and big TVs playing sports for all the boys.  A smiley girl motioned towards a table outside in the cool night breeze, gave us menus and advised that if we didn’t want a pint with the special, we can get the house wine instead.  We already knew what we wanted and a different waitress came over to take our orders – Dave went with a traditional beef parma with cheese, tomato and ham while Juz got the chilli beef and cheese on a chicken parma and wanted swapped her beer for a glass of wine.


                “Sorry, you can’t do that…”


“But the other waitress said…”                



Her arm was twisted, the customer is always right (and in this case we totally were), and she wrote Chardonnay on her little notepad and disappeared inside.


After a brief wait, a different waitress came over and put placemats in front of us with comical information about Murphy’s Law and the Irish interpretation for medical words like ‘rectum’ and ‘artery’.  After a long wait, another waitress arrived with two glasses of chardonnay.  Awesome – no teamwork amongst the waitresses and our drinks order was messed up.


Our meals came out soon after and they looked pretty good.  Dave’s beef schnitzel was nearly hanging off the plate, and was piled on top of chips with a salad on the side.  The schnitzel itself was juicy and well cooked but the topping included lots of immature tomato sauce – straight out of the jar – which overpowered the ham and cheese.  His salad was undressed and while the chips were unseasoned, they were fresh and crisp.



Juz’s chicken parma was clearly factory crumbed – the heart shaped breast gave it away.  It was topped with a thin layer of chilli beef and cheese with about a quarter of the breast uncovered.  The chilli beef was delicious and full of spices to make it full of flavour but it would have been awesome if there was more.  The chips were a bit bland despite being crispy but a little salt fixed that issue, and the salad was simple but fresh with a dressing of mustard balsamic dressing that was probably from a bottle.


Even though the waitresses messed up our drinks order and served food that wasn’t ideal, at the end of the day, that’s what we paid for.  If they were going to use fresh chicken breast to make the schnitzel and serve it with hand cut rustic chips and a fresh and creative salad, then it would obviously be more expensive.


Regardless of the quality, the quantity was adequate and we walked back to the Troopy satisfied.  If we were going to have a big Thursday night in the city and wanted to have a decent feed, we would consider eating at Shenannigans again, or even a $10 kebab from one of the vendors down the road.


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On our second visit to Shags, Juz ordered the sweet potato salad with seared kangaroo on top.  Juz insisted on posting a photo and letting you know that this is one of the best meals she’s had in a pub in Darwin…




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