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Juz was working a temp reception role in Darwin city and had an hour off for lunch so she went down the street to find some pho.  There were two places – one was a bit fancy and had pho on the menu for $15 while Saigon Star was less fancy, had more people eating there, and a bowl only cost $11.50.


Saigon Star


The restaurant was divided into two, with a few places to eat inside by the counter and a larger outdoor sunroom that was enclosed and air conditioned so you could eat on the street without getting drenched in sweat.  After sitting down at a table that overlooked Smith Street, Juz was impressed with the super fast service.  The waitress took the order, returned with a bottle of water and a glass, and within 10 minutes, Juz had a big bowl of pho in front of her with all the garnishes and sauces on the side.


Beef pho @ Saigon Star


The soup was great – full of fresh ingredients, pieces of tender beef and flavoursome broth.  Juz used all the herbs, a handful of bean shoots, a few slices of red chilli and all the juice she could squeeze out of the wedge of lemon.  On a side plate, she squirted a blob of chilli sauce for the beef that she fished out from amongst the rice noodles.  It was really filling and hit the spot perfectly.


Juz will have to bring Dave here for a nice dinner sometime – crispy skin chicken, grilled pork chops, Vietnamese coleslaw with chicken and squid – but what was really missing from the menu was Che Ba Mau, or three colour bean drink.  This dessert drink is the best and really refreshing on a hot day.
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  1. Dougie on said:

    I would have liked this for father’s day lunch

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