Eating Out : Rosemount Hotel, North Perth WA

It was our last day in Perth and there was no way we were leaving without having a chicken parmigiana. Juz found out that the Rosemount Hotel was doing cheap lunch specials, so after a night of camping down near Dwellingup, we drove straight into the city to check it out.


The Rosemount Hotel prides itself in being a fantastic live music venue and has won a variety of hospitality and music venue awards.  It has a real alternative feel about it with heaps of gig posters stuck up around the place, and although we were there at lunchtime, we could definitely see this place rocking out after dark with awesome gigs.



After we ordered, we sat down on the couches and waited in anticipation.  The wait wasn’t long at all, and for $11.50, our parma looked very impressive!  The first thing we noticed that the chicken breast wasn’t put on top of the chips – HALLELUJAH!  We also noticed that the portion matched the price – a polite-sized breast with the perfect amount of chips and salad.


While the chicken breast wasn’t huge or thick, it was still delicious and topped with just the right amount of stuff.  The tomato sauce was a little young and acidic, but somehow it seemed to work.  The ham was cut up instead of left as one slice, probably because it’s the same ham they use for their pizzas, and the cheese was melted to perfection.


The chicken was great, but the chips were even better! Because they weren’t smothered by chicken titty, they maintained their outer crispiness and fluffy centre.  They were also wonderfully seasoned, which made eating them even more pleasurable.


For $11.50, we were really pleased with what we got and watched other meals come out like beef nachos and steak sandwiches.  The Rosemount Lunch Specials apply to all the mains on the menu and the price varies between $11.50 and $13.50 – BARGAIN!


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