Eating Out : Rocky’s Pizza, Alice Springs NT

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Alice Springs


We were cold, we were hungry, and we had just rocked up in Alice Springs.  We set our priorities straight and went to the first pizza shop we could find, Rocky’s Pizza.  Operation Pepperoni was immediately in full force.


We approached the counter and ordered a large half’n’half pizza with capricciosa and mexicana for $20.  The friendly Italian behind the counter told us to take a seat and he’d bring it out when it was ready.


We sat outside, despite the freshness in the air.  Juz was first to break.


     “I need to go to the toilet… be back soon”


She found a public toilet at the Town Centre, sorted out her business and returned to the table to wait with Dave.


     “I need to go too – where was the toilet?”

     “Over there… if the pizza comes out before you get back, I’m not waiting.”


All of this happened within the space of about 10-15 minutes, and Dave still had time to come back before the pizza appeared.


Rocky's Pizza


It was glorious – we hadn’t seen a pizza this beautiful in over a year.  It didn’t stand a chance.


Once slice, two slice, three slice NOM! The fourth slice, well… it was history.  We sat back, fully satisfied.  Who would have thought we would hit the jackpot on the first eatery we entered in Alice Springs?  We had high hopes for what else this town had to offer… but until then, we were happy with pizza as a staple.


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