Eating Out : Monte’s Lounge, Alice Springs NT

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Monte's Lounge
After a successful season of trivia in Darwin, we hit up Alice Springs but found that there was only one place in town that did trivia – Monte’s.


Monte’s is colourful and kooky, with a bohemian atmosphere and circus or carnival décor.  Imagine red, draping curtains, carousel ponies, live cabaret-style shows and a great selection of beers.  We walked in and our eyes didn’t know what to look at!  We found a table in the shooting gallery and waited for trivia to start.


Monte's Lounge


As we waited, we perused the menu and saw pizzas, nachos, burgers and even curry!  Even though we weren’t hungry, we decided that we had to order something because it all looked delicious and well priced.  We went with a pulled pork burger and a large side of fries to share, and once we put the order in, we were given a number.  The service is a little like bingo – keep your eyes on the screen and when your number comes up, you’re a winner!


The burger was absolutely delicious – a toasted bun stuffed with tender pork and coleslaw.  The chips were also impressive, and despite being soft, they had a great texture and flavour.




Trivia started not long after, and the host, who had seemingly skolled three red bulls before getting on stage powered through nearly 50 questions.  We, on the other hand, didn’t know what hit us, and we walked away feeling absolutely mystified.  It was then that we decided that we didn’t need to attend another trivia night at Monte’s, but we definitely needed to return to try more of their tasty menu.


A few weeks later, we gathered at Monte’s with our new friends Gary and Amanda from Travel Outback Australia and had a great dinner before we left Alice Springs.  Dave stuck with the pulled pork burger while Juz tried something different – the Gary Ablett.  This burger was just as sexy as the others with its nicely browned dome of bread filled with chicken fillet, bacon and avocado, aioli and chipotle.  It’s great to see that kind of consistency and quality of food for such a great price.




Monte’s is located on the corner of Todd Street and Stott Terrace and is open from Wednesday to Sunday, 11am til late.


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