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We had a morning appointment just north of Perth so we decided to stop into Subiaco for some coffee that was highly recommended via Twitter by the locals. Louis Baxters is a funky little café at Subiaco Station and was opened in 2011 by Eamon and Laki – mates who met on the set of Celebrity Masterchef.  Eamon was the contestant that eventually won the competition while Laki was a senior producer.  They both love great coffee and food and after a lot of planning, they opened up the café and named it after their pets, two French bulldogs called Louis Pierre Baker and Baxter Sullivan.


As soon as we arrived, we fell in love with the place.  A great, artistic atmosphere demonstrated by a great street art style mural on the wall, surrounded by warm wood and textured black and white walls.  Not sure what it is but you can always tell if a place makes good coffee – there’s something about the people behind the counter and the décor. We had a feeling that we were in for a treat.



We ordered our coffee and sat down with a menu.  Our intention was to just come in for coffee but the lure of food was too great.  Our coffee arrived shortly afterwards.  Dave’s macchiato came with a little glass bottle of heated milk, and it was satisfactorily strong with a great, robust flavour.  Juz’s soy latte was super silky and didn’t require any sugar.  The microfoam was smooth and creamy, while the coffee was full of nutty flavours like walnuts and hazelnuts.  Louis Baxters use Campos Coffee, an Australian specialty coffee roasting company from the eastern states.


We decided to share a breakfast plate and get an additional egg for protein’s sake.  It came out on a wooden chopping board with two thick pieces of toasted and buttered ciabatta bread, two hard boiled eggs halved, two slices of thick ham, a dollop of avocado feta mash and freshly sliced tomato.  We found this breakfast to be the perfect summertime feed because it was cool and refreshing while still being filling, and it wasn’t laden with fatty cheese or sauces.  Simplicity at its best.



After our breakfast, we got a cup of cold brew coffee – a coarse grind from Kenya that was cold stone filtered for 12 hours.  It smelt sweet, like coffee liqueur and had a full bodied flavour that strongly resembled raw cacao beans.  It was strong with a bitterness that moved up into the nose – like the bitterness of a very dark chocolate.  We loved it!


Louis Baxters is a great place to swing past for your morning coffee or to sit down for breakfast and the weekend paper.  It has a great combination of atmosphere, food, service and passion – something that is not found very often, and the coffee made here is on par with the standards in Melbourne.

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