Eating Out : Great places for a bite in Sydney

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We were spoilt for choice when it came to food. There are so many cafes, pubs, restaurants and eateries – more than we had ever seen on our travels – so we aimed for either the best or the offbeat.  Perhaps the kookiest thing was a soft serve ice cream from Aqua S in the city.  Their specialty is sea salt ice cream, a style of ice cream from Japan.  Luckily we were there for popping candy week, so we sampled their sea salt flavour with cranberry, sprinkled with pop rocks.


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While we had several coffees in Sydney, we had two favourites.  The first came from Mecca Espresso, a small outlet on King Street that offers cheap take aways and makes a smooth and creamy coffee.  The second came from The Fine Food Store on The Rocks.  We sat in and had breakfast as well – a savoury Croque Sir Grill with prosciutto, a poached egg and aioli.


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Who would have thought that stuff in bread could be so good.  Mr Crackles on Oxford Street in Darlinghurst is open for lunch until late in the night for all your crackly cravings.  We got the Crackle Classic and BBQ Pork Roll with onion rings for an awesome lunch.



Another great lunch was thanks to Marrickville Pork Roll.  This popular spot is a tiny shop that usually has a line out the front.  For $4.50, you get a flavoursome Vietnamese sandwich that is good until it’s gone.


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North of the harbour is Vienna Sandwiches, another little outlet that smashes out a wicked sandwich.  We got the Chicken Gangnam Style sandwich and it blew our minds.


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Further north along the Pittwater is Newport Chicken.  It might seem like a regular take away place but the boys behind the counter seem to love what they do and make a ripper chicken burger.


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Asian Food

We sampled Asian from both ends of the scale – cheap food court fare to high end yum cha.  Our favourite food court in the city was the Market City Food Court, where we got a massive feed for around $20.




In Chatswood, we met up with fans Chris and Betty at New Shanghai and had a few plates of delicious dumplings.  In the shire, we had a fancy dinner at Din Tai Fung Restaurant with Dave’s uncle and his family.  Apart from dishing out some great dumplings, their fried meats and noodle dishes were amazing too.



We took a break from pizza after our Cairns Pizza Quest, but by the time we got to Sydney, we were ready.  Our first pizza was from Gourmet Pizza Pantry in Gladesville.  We got two large pizzas – Caprice and Tijuana – and a regular garlic pizza for $37.  The Caprice was essentially a capricciosa while the Tijuana was a Mexicana with chilli con carne, jalapenos, corn chips and guacamole – both were awesome.


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In the shire, we had a pizza fest at Queen Margherita’s of Savoy.  These pizzas have such a thin base, that they cook in less than 90 seconds.  The bases are almost like pancakes but they taste so good and the toppings are top notch quality.


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We sniffed out a few breweries in Sydney, only missing out on one in the Rocks.  They all had a great selection of beers but our favourites were Young Henry’s in Newtown and Batch Brewing Co in Marrickville.  Check out our post about Sydney Breweries here.

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