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If the breakfast at Ducks Nuts was anything like the name, it could potentially be our regular breakfast spot so we had to give it a go. When we arrived, it was so busy on the outdoor veranda that we were seated at a table deep inside and the blue-eyed waiter took our order for coffee.


Dave’s macchiato didn’t last long while Juz savoured her soy latte. Even though it had a thin head of foam, it was creamy and smooth with just the right amount of nuttiness and caramel flavours. One of the best coffees in Darwin.


Ducks Nuts


We ordered our food soon after and waited for it to arrive. We watched as the plethora of waiters and waitresses bustled about, collecting plates and delivering coffees, but we didn’t see many meals coming out. We ended up waiting about 20 minutes before a plate of food came out, and it was another 15 minutes before our breakfast arrived.


Dave’s Big Breakfast looked fairly standard. Two poached eggs with grilled tomato, sautéed mushrooms, hash browns and beans with some bacon and two slices of sourdough toast. While everything was fairly satisfactory, the beans tasted like they were fresh out of a can.


Ducks Nuts


Juz got the Eggs Benedict on a slice of sourdough toast instead of the typical muffin. It sat quite pretty on the plate with a decorative zig-zag of balsamic glaze to fill up the rest of the plate. The tangy hollandaise sauce and gooey poached eggs sat on bacon instead of ham and added even more richness to the plate. The balsamic glaze was a nice touch aesthetically and was also great to mop up with the bread.


Ducks Nuts


While the experience overall was good, the beans and long wait were quite disappointing. It would have also been nice to sit outside and people-watch instead of sitting inside next to the bar with the rows of spirits and liquors visible. There are some things you shouldn’t be exposed to at breakfast time. We’ll definitely be back for more coffee though!


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