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After a morning of wine tasting in Denmark, we were proper ready for lunch and rumours were circulating that the Denmark Tavern was the place to go for a decent meal.  When we rolled up and parked the truck, the exterior didn’t give anything away.  It wasn’t until we got inside that we realised that we were in for a real treat.


The decor was loft style with large, spacious dining areas , decked roofs, and large wooden support pillars.  The menu was laid out over three or four blackboards and the range was incredible – fish, lamb, soup, vegetarian dishes, curries, burgers, steaks, salads, pasta, AMAZING!  What caught our eye was the $22.95 two course lunch special.  We ordered, helped ourselves to some cold fruit-infused water and sat down outside in the cool shade.



For starters, we ordered the lemon myrtle squid with aioli sauce and vegetarian spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce.  The squid was lightly battered and tender, and the creamy aioli was a perfect accompaniment.  The spring rolls were fresh and crisp and served with a very light, sweet and tangy dipping sauce.  Each entre was served with a salad filled with lush, ripe produce – the tomato was the best we have tasted in ages.


Within minutes of our entre plates being cleared, the mains arrived.  We were shocked at how fast the food came out considering the quality that was put in front of us!



Dave’s scotch fillet burger was presented in knife impalement style, with his steak and bacon hanging out of the burger like the tongue of a dog.  The steak was cooked perfectly and was smoky and tender.  The burger also had beetroot, crisp lettuce, a fried egg, BBQ sauce and fresh, chewy bread.


Juz’s chicken parmigiana didn’t have ham, but this was forgiven because the chicken fillet was thick and juicy.  While it wasn’t as crispy as expected, it still filled the void and each mouthful was enjoyed wholeheartedly.


The chips were delicious, possibly beer battered, and all were eaten very easily, while the salad was topped with a deliciously creamy and tangy dressing, possibly a herb mayonnaise.


We were thoroughly impressed with the service, speed and quality of our food.  All the great reviews that we read about this place were absolutely true!  Excellent food in generous quantities at a great price in a welcoming atmosphere.  Well done Denmark Tavern!


Tom and Bella with their food - WOWZERS!
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