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We had been communicating with an old friend who was on his way back to Melbourne with his beautiful lady after 6 months travelling around Australia.  Our meeting point was to be the Barossa and word around town said that Blond Coffee was the place to go for a nice lunch.


After days of relentless heat and a piercing sun, the clouds came and cooled the valley with a downpour.  We walked through the refreshing rain to the café and sat down to wait for Peter and Jo to arrive.  They were prompt and it was ages before we could focus on the menus – so much to talk about – but once the hunger was noticed, everyone buried themselves into the menus for a few minutes.


The inside of the café was full of light, spacious and busy.  The girls behind the counter were efficient in taking orders, making coffees and bustling the food about.  Dave and I felt comfortable to order a latte, but were surprised that they arrived AFTER our food.  Regardless, the coffee was acceptable and we both inhaled our lattes.



Juz ordered the Club Sandwich – it was moist with mayonnaise and the bacon provided the perfect amount of savoury goodness, while the chicken played a simple filling role.  The lettuce was a fresh relief and the bread was thick sliced sourdough that looked like standard square bread.


Dave’s Steak Sandwich was of similar size and shape to the club sandwich.  He enjoyed the beetroot relish, which was a nice alternative from tangy and overpowering tomato relish.


We enjoyed Blond Café – it was like a city café in the country.  Once we had cleaned our plates, we left to check out each other’s rigs.  Pete and Jo had a decked-out bus with a king size bed and enough room to stand up in.  They were also towing a little Suzuki – ‘Suzi’ – which they would use to scoot around once they had set up camp.  Because their holiday was wrapping up while ours is still unfolding, they gave us their drop nets, perfect for catching crabs off a jetty.


Peter, Dave, Jo & Juz


Thanks guys!  It was super awesome to catch up with some familiar faces.  Your tips and travel stories were great and we can’t wait to check out your recommendations.  Happy homecoming and we’ll see you when we get back.


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  1. feri on said:

    geee… this man is so familiar!:)

    Great to ‘hear’ from you again.. but still have no idea where about are you ! 🙂
    Yes… towing a little ‘Suzi’ quite common.. or have a motobike rack at the back for couple of bikes to move around.. I guess it gives you somekind of freedom .. wind in the hair!
    Take care

    Dad 🙂

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