Eating In : Chinatown, Broome WA

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We were excited about having some Asian food when we got to Broome but as usual, the price was not right.  We simply could not justify spending that amount of money for one meal, when we could easily feed the both of us for the same price or less.


Juz had a brainwave – “Why don’t we go to Yuen Wing General Store, grab some kooky Asian noodles and cook them back at the hostel?” DEAL!  We went to Yuen Wing and had the choice of Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean noodles.  Dave went with Chinese beef and mushroom flavoured Koreano noodles while Juz went with Vietnamese Oh! Ricey Instant Pho noodles and chicken flavoured Koreano noodles.


Noodles from Chinatown


We scored two pots from the Kimberley Klub YHA reception and got to work in the communal kitchen.  Dave’s noodles were the egg sort so he put both packets into the water to cook simultaneously.  Juz had Korean egg noodles and Vietnamese rice noodles so the cooking time was a bit staggered.


The flavour of the noodles were standard – salty and non-descript – but Juz noticed a real change in aroma when she added the flavour packet from her Vietnamese noodles.  The star anise and cloves really came out and combined well with the typical chicken flavouring of the Korean noodles, while Dave’s beef and mushroom noodle combination was tasty but a bit spicy for his liking.


We ate in the courtyard out of the pot to save on dishes.  All in all, it was a lovely Asian lunch at a great price – $5 all up!



2 thoughts on Eating In : Chinatown, Broome WA

  1. Dougie on said:

    mouth watering

    • juz on said:

      hahah isnt’ it! The pho noodles were actually really good.

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