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To celebrate moving in with our new housemate Nina, we organised a pub crawl with all our Darwin mates.  We did a reconnaissance mission a few days earlier before deciding on a route, which was probably for the best as some of the pubs that were crossed off the list were a bit gross.


The Cavenagh Hotel

We had organised for everyone to meet us here for an early dinner and first drinks.  The only issue was that while Juz had committed herself to a delicious bottle of Chardonnay, everyone was late.  We ordered a bowl of chips but it wasn’t helpful.  Juz was only halfway through the bottle and she was getting wobbly so she had to bag the rest before we fled to the kebab shop.


P.S. not the best kebabs in town.  Try the place next door – much better!



Hotel Darwin

Hotel Darwin became the meeting point, and Dave enjoyed a fresh pint of NT Draught on tap while we sat on the veranda with the group.  When everyone had finished their drinks, we crossed the road and intercepted a fancy dress party before stopping in at the Deck Bar.


The Deck Bar

We had a quick round of drinks here.  This is a pretty cool place with a great outdoor area and Chimay in the fridge.  After a round of drinks, Kaitie, Lindsay and Dan had a quick Skittle bomb and we kept moving.




We stumbled up Mitchell Street to Shags.  The place was packed, the floor was very sticky and the music was so loud we couldn’t hear ourselves think.  After a drink and a quick boogie, we continued on our journey.


The Fox

The last stop – it wasn’t jam-packed full of people and there was a musician on stage playing some great tunes so we stuck around for more dancing, more drinks, which led to speech slurring, disappearances and DOML (delays onset of memory loss) the next day.



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  1. Dan on said:

    Yeah it was a good night… if I remember right =)

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