Drink : Pub Crawl in Cairns, QLD

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We flew to Cairns for our birthday week in Port Douglas and realised that we had about four hours to spare before Dave’s parents arrived so we figured that the most logical thing to do to pass the time was go on a lunchtime pub crawl.


Railway Hotel

The first stop was the Railway Hotel, which was a smelly pub full of bar flies.  We went outside into the beer garden but most of it was closed off so we necked our drinks and moved on.


The Railway Hotel


Grand Hotel

On the opposite corner to the Railway Hotel, this pub features the Croc Bar, a long wooden bench carved out like a crocodile, complete with a toothy head at the end.  As soon as we walked in, Dave’s beard got all the attention.


Croc Bar at the Grand


Crown Hotel

Heading north east along Shields Street, we arrived at the Crown Hotel, which was really modern with all the concrete and stainless steel.  We checked out the menu and the meals were fairly cheap but we had our eyes on a place around the corner for our lunch.  The chick behind the bar was really cool and because the Crown is on a corner, it’s great for people watching.


The Crown


Meldrum’s Pies in Paradise

Time for some food!  This place is supposed to be the best pie shop in Cairns so we thought we’d give it a go.  Dave got Steak, Cheese and Bacon, and said the bacon gave it a sweet savoury flavour that really stood out.  Juz got the Steak, Cheese and Chilli Pie and relished the burn.  We were amazed at how a single ingredient could make such a difference in flavour.



PJ O’Briens

The Irish pub in town – we found the drinks to be quite expensive, and while the indoor area was a bit cluttered, the outside benches were nice.


PJ O'Briens


The Courthouse

A very swish place with gorgeous architecture– well-lit rooms with high, ornate ceilings, a huge beer garden out the front and a few little ones out the back.  This was supposed to be our last stop but there was a delay with the flight that Dave’s parents were on so we had time to visit one more place.


The Courthouse


The Union Jack

Our last stop before our ride to Port Douglas.  The front bar had a very British colour scheme so we took our drinks out back and were in awe at the space they had created.  There was a smoking area, a stage, heaps of decking and places to sit.  It was a really cool space.


The Union Jack FrontbarThe Union Jack - outback


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