Christmas in Strathalbyn

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It was Christmas Eve 2012 and for the first time in our lives, we were going to be without our families.  Being without our loved ones was hard enough, but any plans that we had made to make this Christmas adequate went pear-shaped.  The Troopy had a nasty cough, Juz couldn’t find turkey mince at the shops and there was a chilling wind blowing through Strathalbyn.


Regardless, we made do.  After quick Skype calls with the parents, we opened our present that Juz’s sister gave us before we left. Then we tucked into some beer and wine and Christmas dinner – lamb mince burgers with creamy coleslaw.



That night, we stayed at Frank Potts Reserve with the intention of spending Christmas Day working on the Troopy to get the allegedly shitty water pump changed.


We hope that all of our mates and followers, and everyone around the world, had a great Christmas that was full of festive cheer, family love and fabulous food.


Merry Christmas!

                                   from Dave & Juz


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