Travel Jobs


Helpx : Working on a Biodynamic Farm

February 13th 2015

  It was our last day in Cooktown and as we strolled through the botanic gardens, Dave’s phone rang.  It was a Helpx host asking if we were available to stay for around a week or so and work on …

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Subway travel job

Travel Jobs : Fast Food (Made Fresh)

October 20th 2014

Hi guys – Juz here…   When we realised we were stuck in Alice Springs for at least another two weeks because of Troopy issues, I knew that I’d have to get a job – for two reasons.  Firstly, because …

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Useful Websites for Travellers

October 16th 2014

Google Maps During the planning stage of our trip, any place that we wanted to visit was marked with a star on Google Maps.  Juz’s Google account saved all the stars.  It’s also a handy tool for measuring distances – …

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Helpex Alice Springs

Helpx : Housekeeping and the steelyard

September 22nd 2014

  After four days of landscaping for a family, our second Helpex assignment was hanging out with Derren, his housemate Brad and their two dogs, Buddy and Buster.  Derren is probably the most active couchsurfing host in Alice Springs and …

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Cartoon Camp

Travel Jobs : Cartooning Camp

September 11th 2014

  Hey everyone – Juz here…   Do you like to play games and have fun?  Can you cut oranges and cook noodles? Are you able to project your voice over the laughing and screaming of sugar-buzzed beings?  Then working …

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Helpx : Landscaping in Alice Springs

August 22nd 2014

Our first Helpex assignment in Alice Springs was to do some landscaping for a family of four.  We stayed with them for four days and worked around 4-6 hours a day in exchange for accommodation and meals.  Conveniently, they had …

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Lorella Springs

Volunteering : Lorella Springs Wilderness Park

July 17th 2014

  DAY 7 -10 : VOLUNTEERING Over the next four days, we got our hands dirty and did odd jobs around Lorella Springs.  By volunteering, our accommodation and meals were all sorted, and we got two free drinks a day.  …

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Office work at a desk

Travel Jobs : Office Work

June 14th 2014

  Office Work in Darwin : March 2014   I’m baaaaaaaack… in an office!   As much as I loved working in party hire, the Wet Season came and washed away all the business.  The office got quiet and I …

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Office Chimp

Travel Jobs : Office Administrator

April 2nd 2014

  Yo. Dave here…  I can hear you all saying, “I thought you didn’t want to work in office anymore.  Isn’t that why you left on this trip in the first place?”   Well, here’s the story.   After driving …

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Party sparkles!

Travel Jobs : Party Hire

February 22nd 2014

Hi everyone.  Juz here…   We knew we’d have to find jobs in Darwin because our funds were running seriously low.  I went for a few interviews with businesses and recruitment agencies, but I wasn’t having much luck until I …

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Travel Jobs : Events

January 18th 2014

Hi all – Juz here…   When we first got to Darwin, the first job I managed to score was via an agency.  They called me up and asked if I wanted to spend the next day at the Darwin …

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Straya Animals!


July 4th 2013

Australia can be a pretty confusing place if you don’t understand the lingo or the law.  We hope this post will help international visitors navigate around what you can and can’t do, and what you shouldn’t do.  If you have …

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Dinner time!

Travel Jobs : Helpx – Helping out a family

May 13th 2013

We found out about Helpex before leaving for our adventure and promised ourselves that if we have the opportunity, we would give it a go.  The first opportunity arose before we left Perth when we answered an ad to help …

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