Life on the Road

Sunset over the Nullarbor

Our travels have come to an end!

June 22nd 2016

… for now.   It’s nearly been a year since we got back to Melbourne. We got jobs and saved up some dough to go to Tassie, the final frontier, but now that we’re back, we believe it’s time to …

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Troopy Update : Saggy Springs & Other Things

February 15th 2016

  Yo, Dave here.   It’s been ages since the last Troopy update, but you know what they say, “No news is good news” … right?   A new spring in her step! Ever since we bought the Troopy, her …

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Australia Day 2016

January 27th 2016

  Dave and I woke up on Australia Day with absolutely nothing planned, which wasn’t ideal because we were meeting up with Josh – one of the friends we made during our 12 day stay in Port Elliot over the …

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Merry Christmas – enjoy the holidays!

December 23rd 2015

  Hi all,   We’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year… and what a year it’s been!   We started 2015 in Cairns, where we stayed until May, working and biding …

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Central West 2015-07-18 040w

2015 Troopcarriers of Australia Winter Ramble

December 21st 2015

  We’re so proud that we decided to buy a Toyota Troopcarrier for our trip around Australia.  It’s taken us to some really amazing places around the country and it still amazes us with some of the things it’s capable …

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Helpx : A home on the Central Coast

November 2nd 2015

  We were in Byron Bay when Juz got assigned to a cartoon camp in Gosford for the school holidays.  It was easy enough to get there on time, but we needed somewhere to stay for the week and Dave …

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Brisbane 2015-06-07 010w

Our Time In Brisbane

September 7th 2015

  Our time is Brisbane started in Caboolture, the northern most suburb of the greater Brisbane area.  Juz’s former colleague Anne and her husband Chris moved here from Darwin and it was an absolute treat to catch up and stay …

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Australia Day 2015 Cairns

Our Time In Cairns

May 22nd 2015

  Who would have thought that what was supposed to be a short two-month stop in Cairns would drag on for seven months!  The main reason for the extended stay was because we needed to earn some money and fix …

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Oodnadatta Track

Second Year On The Road

May 10th 2015

Australia Day in Darwin  Wildlife in our backyard!   Cocosaurus Cove   Litchfield National Park   Kakadu National Park   Cutta Cutta Caves Edith Falls Lorella Springs Wilderness Park Caranbirini Conservation Reserve   Devil’s Marbles   Wycliff WellAileron Arltunga Historical …

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Melbourne 2015 2015-04-13 014

Melbourne Hiatus 2015

April 25th 2015

It was hard to believe that it had been an entire year since we were last in Melbourne, so when it was time to fly home for Dave’s sister’s wedding, we were excited about seeing everyone.  It just so happened that another …

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Bug Off Mosquito

Bug Off : Annoying Insects!

February 16th 2015

  Australia is renowned for our dangerous wildlife – snakes, crocs, sharks, cassowaries and spiders – but this post is dedicated to our less deadly but far more annoying inhabitants: bugs.   Flies Let’s start with the humble house fly, …

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Helpx : Working on a Biodynamic Farm

February 13th 2015

  It was our last day in Cooktown and as we strolled through the botanic gardens, Dave’s phone rang.  It was a Helpx host asking if we were available to stay for around a week or so and work on …

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Cape York

Troopy Goes Bump in the Night

January 30th 2015

  Yo – Dave here.   After enjoying the sunset at the most northerly point of mainland Australia, we went to check out a deserted resort a couple hundred metres back from the Tip car park.  The resort was abandoned …

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