Western Australia

Alfred's Kitchen

Eating Out : Alfred’s Kitchen, Guildford WA

April 3rd 2013

There is a special place in every night owl’s heart for a food outlet that is open until the early hours of the morning.  Back at home, ours was a food truck called Haci’s Kebabs on the corner of Bell …

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Photography : Busselton to Bunbury

March 28th 2013

We met up with photographer Kieran Stone and after two days exploring the Margaret River Food and Wine Region, we headed up along the coast towards Perth. Here are a few shots that he took while on the road with …

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Margaret River

Photography : Margaret River

March 26th 2013

We met up with photographer Kieran Stone and spent two days exploring the Margaret River Food and Wine Region.  Here are a few shots that he took while on the road with Our Naked Australia!     Kieran has just …

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Free WASO Concert in Manning Park

Experience : Western Australia Symphony Orchestra (WASO)

March 19th 2013

What?  WASO is doing a free concert in Manning Park while we’re in Perth?  SCORE!  Juz found out about the concert while doing research on the orchestra and thought it would be a great idea to keep it from Dave …

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Sunset at Cottesloe

Experience : The Sunset Coast

March 18th 2013

Crystal clean beaches framed by cafés, restaurants, pubs and fish and chip shops, the sunset coast stretches from Joondalup down to Cottesloe and is the perfect place to watch the sun disappear over the horizon.  The tourist drive runs along …

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The Fremantle Prison

Experience : The Fremantle Prison

March 13th 2013

One of the things that we got heaps of recommendations for was to visit the Fremantle Prison.  It’s a historically rich gem that opened in 1855 and during its 136 years of operation, it housed over 350,000 convicts and prisoners. …

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The Breakfast Plate

Eating Out : Louis Baxters, Subiaco WA

March 8th 2013

We had a morning appointment just north of Perth so we decided to stop into Subiaco for some coffee that was highly recommended via Twitter by the locals. Louis Baxters is a funky little café at Subiaco Station and was …

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The Bunbury Lighthouse from the Marlston Hill Lookout Tower

City Profile : Bunbury

March 7th 2013

In 1803, French explorer Captain de Freycinet sailed past the area but it wasn’t until the 1830s that Governor James Stirling led an expedition from the Collie River to the Darling Range and properly explored the area.  He set up …

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The Busselton Jetty

Fishing : Busselton Jetty

March 6th 2013

Busselton is a coastal city at the top end of the Margaret River region and is one of the fastest growing areas in Western Australia.  It has been voted the best tourist town three times in the last 20 years …

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Cheeky Monkey Brewery tasting paddle

Drink : Margaret River Breweries

March 5th 2013

The Margaret River region has eight breweries that produce a variety of brews from traditional ales and German hefeweizens to ciders and ginger beers, as well as the delicious honey brew from Blackwood Meadery.  Unfortunately, we only could visit four …

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Vasse Felix

Margaret River Food & Wine Region

March 4th 2013

We were really looking forward to exploring one of Australia’s most notorious wine regions, but our first 24 hours in the region wasn’t too pleasant. We got to Augusta first and found it to be a chronic retirement town where …

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One of the tree top spans

Experience : Valley of the Giants

March 3rd 2013

Be surrounded by historic Tingles, towering Karris and corky Sheoaks as you explore the Valley of the Giants.  It is an active forest full of wildlife like quokkas, possums, bats, frogs, cockatoos and owls.     The Tree Top Walk …

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Chocolate pistoles at the Denmark Chocolate Company

Denmark Food & Wine Region

March 2nd 2013

It wasn’t until we got to Albany that we discovered that there was a little food and wine region only 50km to the west!  We stayed the night at Torbay Inlet, got up nice and early for the sunrise and …

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