Western Australia

Kimberley Klub YHA

Kimberley Klub YHA

June 21st 2013

If you’re looking for budget accommodation in Broome that is conveniently located, the Kimberley Klub YHA is the perfect choice!  With a vibrant and social atmosphere, lots of space and all the facilities that you’d need, this hostel will give …

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Cape Leveque

Experience : Dampier Peninsula

June 19th 2013

Just north of Broome is the Damiper Peninsula, an area known by the local aboriginals as Ardi, which means northeast.  There are several aboriginal communities on the peninsula and you can visit some of them, learn how they used to …

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Noodles from Chinatown

Eating In : Chinatown, Broome WA

June 18th 2013

We were excited about having some Asian food when we got to Broome but as usual, the price was not right.  We simply could not justify spending that amount of money for one meal, when we could easily feed the …

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Red Dog Memorial in Dampier!

Hi-Vis Towns of the Pilbara

June 15th 2013

The Pilbara covers both coastline and inland plains and has many natural attractions.  If you’re on the coast, pristine beaches, snorkelling and beautiful sunsets are the main attraction, as well as the Staircase to the Moon, which happens at certain …

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Marble Bar

Experience : Marble Bar

June 13th 2013

When we left Port Hedland, we decided to take a detour to Marble Bar on our way to Broome.  After driving way past sunset, we arrived at Des Streckfuss Rest Area, and stayed the night.  First thing in the morning, …

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Fortescue Falls - Karijini National Park

Experience : Karijini National Park

June 9th 2013

This beautiful and rugged landscape is part of the Hamersley Range and is Western Australia’s second largest national park.  There are three aboriginal tribes that traditionally own the Karijini area – the Banyjima, Yinhawangka and Kurrama people.  They’ve lived in …

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Turquoise Bay - Cape Range National Park

Top 9 Towns along the Coral Coast

June 7th 2013

The Coral Coast of Western Australia spans all the way from Cervantes in the south to Exmouth in the north and covers about 1,100km of coastline.  Within the area is Kalbarri National Park, World Heritage areas Shark Bay Marine Park …

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Excape Backpackers YHA

Excape Backpackers YHA, Exmouth

June 6th 2013

A great option for budget accommodation is located conveniently within the Potshot Hotel Resort.  Enjoy the laid back, social atmosphere in the common outdoor area or head to the pub for a beer.   Exmouth is the perfect place to …

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Planet Burgers - Juz's Mexican chicken souvlaki

Eating Out : Planet Burgers, Exmouth WA

June 2nd 2013

It was a Friday night, we were having a few drinks and Juz was gagging for a chicken parmigiana.   Unfortunately, we were in Exmouth and it WASN’T Wednesday, which means that the chicken parma at the pub was $30 …

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Experience : Coral Bay

May 29th 2013

One of the locations that we were told about over and over and over again was Coral Bay.  Apparently we had to go there, so as we made our way north from Carnarvon, it would have been stupid to not …

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Shell Beach

Experience : Shark Bay

May 26th 2013

In 1991, Shark Bay was recognised by UNESCO as one of the most remarkable places on Earth after it ticked off each item on the natural World Heritage site criteria list.   It displays major stages in the evolutionary history of …

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Bay Lodge YHA - the pool

Bay Lodge YHA, Shark Bay

May 24th 2013

If you’re heading to Shark Bay for a quick holiday or an extended stay, a great option for accommodation is the Bay Lodge YHA.  It’s inexpensive, friendly and super close to everything in Denham, and it’s right across the road …

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Red dirt - François Péron National Park

Experience : François Péron National Park

May 21st 2013

A short drive north from Denham will bring you to the turn off for François Péron National Park.  The area takes up 52,500 hectares on the tip of Péron Peninsula in the Shark Bay World Heritage area and is edged …

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