Western Australia



March 19th 2016

  Today is Earth Hour – a worldwide movement that symbolises a commitment to protect our planet. It brings awareness to environmental issues and the challenges we face to create a sustainable world.  Our commitment to the Earth extends beyond …

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Happy 365 Days

One Year On The Road

December 1st 2013

Wow – One year on the road!     365 days of travelling, being away from home, seeing the sights, exploring our country, and we’re not even halfway through yet.   To celebrate, we’ve put together this photo album of …

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Mount Nameless - Tom Price

Top 5 Things about Western Australia

August 18th 2013

We had many discussions before deciding what our top 5 things about Western Australia would be. The fact of the matter is, it was really hard to pick just five things. Western Australia is huge and has so many fantastic …

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The Diversion Dam

Town Profile : Kununurra

August 6th 2013

With a name that means Big Water, Kununurra is located on the Ord River at the eastern end of the Kimberley.  It’s a true outback town with an agricultural background that dates back to 1887.  The Ord River supplies the …

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Tasting paddles - The Hoochery

Experience : The Hoochery Distillery

August 3rd 2013

We were taken to the Hoochery by Jarrod and Crystal on our way to Keep River, and we were excited about our first real distillery experience.     About the Hoochery Located about 15km north of Kununurra, the Hoochery is …

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The Barra Shak

Eating Out : The Barra Shak, Kununurra WA

July 25th 2013

The guy who we bought the Troopy off found out that we were in Kununurra and strongly advised that we go to the Barra Shak for a barra burger.  How could we refuse?  One night after we had done the …

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Frogs love the Kimberley

Experience : The Kimberley – Part 2

July 19th 2013

About halfway along the Gibb River Road is a turnoff that heads north to Mitchell Falls.  If you are well prepared for the trip, do it – the drive might be long but the hike to the falls is worth …

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Boab sunset - The Kimberley

Experience : The Kimberley – Part 1

July 13th 2013

The Kimberley is a huge savannah plain in the north of Western Australia.  It stretches from Broome in the West to Kununurra in the East, Fitzroy Crossing and Halls Creek in the south to the coastline in the north.  The …

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Happier Treasure Hunt Slider

FOUND : Our WA Treasure has been discovered!

July 6th 2013

Arrr me hearties – do ye like some adventure? How about ya go and find our buried treasure! Our second concealed booty is somewhere in the Kimberley, Right next to a creek that’s a bit springy!   Don’t follow the …

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Echidna Chasm - The Bungle Bungles

Experience : The Bungle Bungles

July 1st 2013

The Bungle Bungles are located within Purnululu National Park, which is about 300km south of Kununurra.  The national park covers about 239,000 hectares of land and is relatively new.  The Bungle Bungles was known only by the local aboriginals and …

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Wyndham 2013-06-02 047

Big Things : The Big Crocodile, Wyndham WA

June 29th 2013

  The Big Crocodile in Wyndham was built in 1987 by the kids of the community to remind locals and visitors to be aware of crocodiles in the surrounding waters.  The crocodile is 20 metres long and is made from …

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Derby Mud Crab Races

Experience : Derby Mud Crab Races

June 24th 2013

We timed our arrival to Derby around the first bout of Mud Crab Races.  We rocked up at the Mary Island Fishing Club at around 4pm, grabbed a cheap beverage from the shed and sat down to soak up the …

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Cable Beach

Town Profile : Broome

June 22nd 2013

Located at the southernmost tip of the Kimberley about 18 degrees south of the equator, Broome was the first example we’ve seen of an Australian tropical town.  Palm trees and boabs line the streets, birds of prey circle the skies …

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