Triplet Falls

Top 5 things on the Great Ocean Road

December 10th 2012

We checked out most, if not all of the tourist attractions along the Great Ocean Road and these five things stood out the most and have found themselves in the Awesome Bucket.   Triplet Falls, Great Otway National Park We got …

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Koalas sleeping

Wildlife : The Koala

December 10th 2012

Common Name: Koala Scientific Name: Phascolarctos cinereus   Alternative Names: Koala bear, monkey bear, tree-bear, drop bear, native bear.  The name ‘koala’ comes from the Aboriginal Dharuk word gula, which means ‘doesn’t drink’.  The scientific name is derived from the …

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Star jumps at Loch Ard Gorge

The Great Ocean Road

December 6th 2012

The Great Ocean Road is a 243km stretch of road running along the south-western coast of Victoria.  It is an Australian National Heritage Listed road that was built by returned WW1 soldiers between 1919 and 1932 and is the world’s …

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Odyssey Tavern Tasting Paddle

Brewery : Odyssey Tavern & Brewery

December 5th 2012

On our way out of Geelong, we stopped off at the Odyssey Tavern & Brewery in Mount Duneed to sample the fare.  They have a massive selection of craft beers available on tap, as well as tasting paddles so that …

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BEARDS!!  If only Dave had a beanie too!

City Profile : Geelong

December 3rd 2012

We arrived in Geelong at about 2pm without expecting much other than a boring country town with a few fish and chip shops, a shitty café, the Ford Factory and a stadium for the Geelong Football Club.   However, as …

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Sunset over Flinders Street Station

Experience : Touristy things to do in Melbourne

December 1st 2012

  It doesn’t matter what you’re into, there are heaps of things to do in and around Melbourne.   Explore St Kilda & Melbourne’s Luna Park Located about 7km south of Melbourne, St Kilda is a vibrant and active coastal …

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YHA Melbourne - The cafe serves up a variety of foods at a great price!

Melbourne Metro YHA, North Melbourne

November 29th 2012

Weathermen all over Victoria were getting excited today, for they would shine as brightly as the sun and report that summer had finally arrived with Melbourne’s first heatwave of the year.  In fact, today Melbourne was the hottest city in …

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Last Drinks! All of us! - and a random in the blue shorts LOL

Last Drinks!

November 26th 2012

It was important to us to have one final round of drinks with our mates, who have been with us through thick and thin – Fitzroy pub crawls, midnight kebab runs, 3am blackouts and mid-morning breakfast cures.   We love …

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Juz is not impressed with delivering junk mail...

Travel Jobs : Junk Mail Distribution

November 21st 2012

Hi folks – Juz here.   Since quitting my job two weeks ago, I thought I’d try out a job that might potentially suit backpackers and travellers who can only do a few shifts before moving on.  I went on …

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Spot the Movember participant...


November 18th 2012

It has almost been two weeks since we handed in the keys to our house and became homeless landlords.   It has been a bit strange – not having a fixed address or place to call home – but thankfully, …

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Robertson Creek Track

4WDing : Bunyip State Park

November 12th 2012

  We booked in a day with Tom and Dan from Bush Junkie to go 4WDing so we could try out our new winch.  It would have been stupid to leave for our big adventure without knowing whether the winch …

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Noodle Kingdom - Fried Beef Dumplings

Melbourne : Do you love dumplings?

October 24th 2012

We love dumps – little bite-sized packets of goodness that can be either steamed, fried, baked or boiled.  They can be filled with meat, vegetables or sweet stuff and can be eaten in soups or on their own. Varieties include …

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Time for the bonfire...

Our Farewell Party

October 21st 2012

We had our Farewell Party on Dave’s cousin’s dairy farm in Leongatha.  We woke up nice and early to get everything prepared – empty the shed, fill the muddy puddles with dirt and clear out the garage.   It was …

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