South Australia

Our Christmas pressie - a Bad Cat calendar from Juz's sister

Christmas in Strathalbyn

December 31st 2012

It was Christmas Eve 2012 and for the first time in our lives, we were going to be without our families.  Being without our loved ones was hard enough, but any plans that we had made to make this Christmas …

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Cool graffiti

City Profile : Adelaide

December 31st 2012

After packing up camp in Mannum and spending the morning feeding the animals at the Big Rocking Horse, we drove into Adelaide and experienced big city sights for the first time in almost a month.  Our first stop? Coopers Brewery …

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Schnitzel and chips with gravy at Vili's Cafe

Eating Out : Vili’s Cafe, Mile End SA

December 30th 2012

This empire was established by Vili Milisits, who fled communist Hungary in 1958 when he was only 9 years old.  When his family arrived in Adelaide after a long wait in England, Vili attended school and was put to work …

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Dave & Juz at the Big Rocking Horse

Big Things : The Big Rocking Horse, Gumeracha

December 30th 2012

  Hooray! BIG THINGS!   This time, we were visiting the Big Rocking Horse in Gumeracha.  Built over 8 months, it was opened in 1981 and is made entirely out of steel and is anchored in over 80 tonnes of …

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PS Marion

Town Profile : Mannum

December 29th 2012

After two days in Narrung, we decided to head towards civilisation and phone reception so we packed up and drove to Tailem Bend.  The town was small and quiet and the attendants at the Visitor Centre were uncomfortable friendly so …

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Sunset over our campsite

Camping : Narrung

December 28th 2012

After conquering the Coonawarra Wine Region, we awoke early the next day and drove two hours from a rest area just north of Kingston SE to Narrung Jetty Reserve, a free camping area by the ferry that ushers cars over …

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The Victoria Fossil Cave findings

Top 5 Things on the Limestone Coast

December 26th 2012

  When you get there you’ll know, because most of the roads and houses on the Limestone Coast are a creamy white colour.  The limestone was formed by the accumulation of various deposits of marine life and shells over millions …

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An ambitious bull ant - check out those jaws!

Wildlife : The Bull Ant

December 25th 2012

Name: Bull Ant Scientific Classification: of the Myrmecia genus Alternative Names: bulldog ants Location: they are found throughout Australia   Fast Facts: There are about 90 different species of bull ant in Australia They can grow to be as big …

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Sharam Cottages

Town Profile : Penola & Coonawarra

December 24th 2012

After another night of sleeping at a shoddy rest area along the highway, we straightened our clothes, brushed our hair and rolled through the lovely Coonawarra wine region to Penola.   After a quick stroll through the museum and gallery …

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Coonawarra Wine Gallery

Coonawarra Wine Region

December 23rd 2012

We spent two days lurking around the Coonawarra Wine Region to sample as much as we could of this beautiful area that many call the other ‘Red’ centre of Australia.  All up we visited eight cellar doors and tried wines …

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A war memorial park in the centre of Naracoorte

Town Profile : Naracoorte

December 22nd 2012

After a spooked night at a roadside rest area (it’s amazing how your mind can play tricks on you), we entered Naracoorte tired, unwashed and with a bag of laundry.   The town was thick with the promise of rain, …

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Us with a thylacoleo carnifex

Naracoorte Caves

December 21st 2012

  The Naracoorte Caves are one of 19 World Heritage Sites in Australia, being South Australia’s only World Heritage site.  It was officially recognised in 1994 and is one of the world’s most valuable fossil sites, providing insight into the …

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Larry the Lobster

Big Things : Larry the Lobster, Kingston SE

December 20th 2012

Larry the Lobster is located at the Big Lobster Tourist Complex at 17 Princes Hwy, Kingston SE.  He was built in 1979 over 6 months, with the construction occurring in Adelaide before they carted him down, bit by bit to …

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