Townsville 2015-04-29 062w

Attraction : Reef HQ Great Barrier Reef Aquarium

June 12th 2015

  Did you know that sea stars have no brains or blood and they digest their food outside of their body by protruding their stomach out of their mouth?  Did you know that sharks have a special ‘electrosense’ that allows …

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Cassowary Coast 2015-04-26 008w

The Cassowary Coast : Babinda to Cardwell

June 10th 2015

  The Cassowary Coast covers the coastal area along the Bruce Highway from Babinda to Cardwell.  This region is the wettest part of Australia, with the annual rainfall record reaching 7.9m in 1950.  Because of this high rainfall, the area …

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Cassowary Coast 2015-04-27 058

Big Things : The Big Crab, Cardwell

June 7th 2015

  Our encounter with the Big Crab was purely accidental!  We just happened to park right across the road from it during our brief visit to Cardwell.  The Big Crab was built in 1992 and is propped up on top …

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Cassowary Coast 2015-04-27 021w

Big Things : The Big Cassowary, Mission Beach

June 4th 2015

  The Big Cassowary in Mission Beach is located just outside the Wongaling Beach Shopping Complex.  It stands nearly 5 metres tall and is a beacon for the Cassowary Coast, which stretches from Cairns to Townsville.   Southern cassowaries are …

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Paronella Park 2015-04-25 231w

Attraction : Paronella Park

May 30th 2015

  We will never forget our experience at Paronella Park.  As soon as we parked the Troopy, we were warmly greeted by Mark the owner, and right from the beginning we knew we were somewhere special.     Paronella Park …

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Kuranda Wildlife Experience

Wildlife : Southern Cassowary

May 28th 2015

  Name: Southern Cassowary Scientific Classification: Casuarius casuarius Alternative Names: double-wattled cassowary, Australian cassowary, two-wattled cassowary Location: they are found in dense tropical rainforests of Indonesia, New Guinea and northeast Australia, but the casuarius casuarius johnsonii is exclusive to Australia.   Fast …

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Cassowary Coast

Big Things : The Big Gumboot, Tully QLD

May 25th 2015

  The Big Gumboot (officially called the Golden Gumboot) is located in Tully, about 50km south of Innisfail.   The story behind the Big Gumboot involves a long standing battle between Tully and Babinda to the north, for the title …

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Australia Day 2015 Cairns

Our Time In Cairns

May 22nd 2015

  Who would have thought that what was supposed to be a short two-month stop in Cairns would drag on for seven months!  The main reason for the extended stay was because we needed to earn some money and fix …

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Travel Jobs : Landscaping

May 20th 2015

  Hey! – Dave here.   We decided to stop in Cairns for a couple of reasons – we had to buy and replace some parts on the Troopy, and we’d run out of money.  We needed to get jobs, …

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City Profile : Cairns

May 15th 2015

  Cairns is a city in tropical north Queensland and is a major tourism destination for both Australians and Internationals.  We were here for around 7 months and really got to know Cairns – we even got to meet a …

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Ganbaranba Noodle Colosseum Cairns

Eating Out : Ramen in Cairns

May 11th 2015

  Just in case you didn’t know, ramen is a Japanese noodle dish served with broth. The base of the broth can be miso, soy, fish, pork, or chicken and the dish can be served with a variety of things …

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Oodnadatta Track

Second Year On The Road

May 10th 2015

Australia Day in Darwin  Wildlife in our backyard!   Cocosaurus Cove   Litchfield National Park   Kakadu National Park   Cutta Cutta Caves Edith Falls Lorella Springs Wilderness Park Caranbirini Conservation Reserve   Devil’s Marbles   Wycliff WellAileron Arltunga Historical …

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Cairns Central YHA 2015-04-25 023

Cairns Central YHA

May 7th 2015

  Winner of the 2014 Best Backpacker Awards in the Queensland Tourism Awards, Cairns Central YHA ticks all the boxes.  A clean and well maintained hostel with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that provides affordable accommodation in a central location. …

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