Central Highlands 2015-05-05 013w

Big Things of the Central Highlands

July 13th 2015

As we drove through the Central Highlands, we were anticipating the gemstone towns of Rubyvale, Sapphire and Emerald to be bright and sparkly.  While Emerald was absolutely lovely, the most exciting things about the other two towns were their big …

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Blackdown Tableland 2015-05-07 035w

Camping & 4WDing : Blackdown Tableland

July 11th 2015

  We were supposed to go to Carnarvon National Park to camp and explore the gorge but when the time came to book our campsite, we found that the park was booked out… for whole month!  We had to change …

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Central Highlands 2015-05-06 018w

Big Things : The Big Easel, Emerald QLD

July 9th 2015

  The Big Easel is one of the most impressive Big Things we’ve come across.   Standing 25 metres high, it took 136 tonnes of steel to build and the painting itself weighs 4.5 tonnes.  It’s the largest painting in …

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Lake Elphinstone 2015-05-05 038w

Camping : Lake Elphinstone

July 7th 2015

  We didn’t know what to expect.  We’d heard about the place, but there was no raving – as far as we knew it was simply a campground by a lake but we were pleasantly surprised to find much more. …

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Mackay 2015-05-03 060w

City Profile : Mackay

July 5th 2015

  Our visit to Mackay was unfortunately brief but we believe we managed to see most of what the city had to offer, as well as the surrounding attractions.  We spent the morning to the west, exploring Eungella National Park …

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Mackay 2015-05-04 010w

Big Things : The Big Cane Toad, Sarina QLD

July 3rd 2015

  The Big Cane Toad in Sarina, which is affectionately called Buffy, was built in 1983 out of Papier Mache for a float that participated in the Apex Sugar Festival Parade.  The toad was eventually set in fibreglass and now …

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Cathu State Forest 2015-05-02 008w

Camping : Cathu State Forest

July 1st 2015

  Cathu State Forest is between Proserpine and Mackay and offers great camping amongst the eucalypts.  As you drive in to the campgrounds, you’ll see pine plantations with some cleared sections, as well as great views of the Clarke Range.  …

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Bowen 2015-05-02 042

Big Things : The Big Mango, Bowen QLD

June 25th 2015

  Bowen is Queensland’s mango capital and is known for the Kensington Pride, a variety of mango that is sweet and fleshy without the stringiness.  Therefore, it would be silly not to erect a 3 tonne, 10 metre high mango, …

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Townsville 2015-04-29 212w

City Profile : Townsville

June 23rd 2015

  The largest tropical city in North Queensland, Townsville has a population of 200,000 people and an average of 300 sunny days per year.  While it’s a great tourism hotspot because of its access to Magnetic Island and the Great …

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Townsville 2015-04-29 220w

Eating Out : Townsville Brewing Company

June 21st 2015

  In 2001, Townsville’s old Post Office building was redeveloped and turned into a restaurant, function centre and brewery.  The décor of the place croons smooth and classy with plush velour couches, baroque wallpaper, barrel lid tables and yellow felt …

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Ingham 2015-04-28 049w

Things To Do In And Around Ingham

June 19th 2015

Don’t be fooled – this is not the place where all the chicken comes from!  Ingham isn’t really famous for anything other than the Tyto Wetlands and the ‘Pub with No Beer’.   Back in 1943, a pub called the …

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Crystal Creek 2015-04-28 083w

Natural Wonders : Crystal Creek

June 17th 2015

  Just over an hour’s drive north of Townsville is Paluma Range National Park and Crystal Creek, a mandatory stop for anyone travelling between Ingham and Townsville.   We visited Big Crystal Creek first and had tonnes of fun on …

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Happier Treasure Hunt Slider

FOUND : QLD Treasure has been found!

June 16th 2015

Arrr me hearties – do ye like some adventure? How about ya go and find our buried treasure! It’s somewhere really natural. Follow the green wall, Under a rocky bridge, where the waters fall.     Yes it’s dark, but there’s …

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