Northern Territory

Holmes Jungle

Experience : Holmes Jungle Nature Park

April 6th 2014

  We woke up early on Take A Walk In The Park Day to head over to Holmes Jungle before the day got too hot. The nature park covers about 250 hectares and protects a monsoon forest, right on the …

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Pulp Kitchen

Eating Out : Pulp Kitchen, Palmerston NT

March 29th 2014

After a successful morning of op shopping, our tummies were grumbling so we made our way to Pulp Kitchen in Palmerston for a feed.  We had driven past this place a few times and really liked their image.  Following their …

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The Waterfront

City Profile : Darwin

March 21st 2014

  When we arrived in Darwin back in June 2013, we were exhausted.  We had just driven through the Kimberley and broken down on the road towards the Bungle Bungles and we were looking forward to spending some time in …

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Eating Out : Chow!, Darwin NT

March 17th 2014

A new Vietnamese restaurant opened in Darwin while we were there and after dubbing Saigon Star as the provider of the best pho, we realised we had a new contender to sample.  We set our expectations fairly low and walked …

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Cage of Death - Crocosaurus Cove

Experience : Crocosaurus Cove, Darwin

March 5th 2014

Did you know that there are over 200 crocodiles, both big and small, that live in the heart of the Darwin CBD?  They all reside at Crocosaurus Cove, with many other creatures like turtles, snakes, lizards and frogs, and they …

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Roma Bar

Eating Out : Roma Bar, Darwin NT

March 2nd 2014

We had heard mixed reviews about breakfast at Roma Bar but after we heard that they do thick cut ham on their eggs benedict, we had to give it a try.  From the outside, the place looks like it might …

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Cyclone Tracey

Cyclone Season in the Top End

February 26th 2014

The likelihood of experiencing a cyclone is an expected occurrence when you’re living in the tropics during the Wet Season.  Darwin has and always will be prone to cyclones because of its position on the globe.  In the last 150 …

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Party sparkles!

Travel Jobs : Party Hire

February 22nd 2014

Hi everyone.  Juz here…   We knew we’d have to find jobs in Darwin because our funds were running seriously low.  I went for a few interviews with businesses and recruitment agencies, but I wasn’t having much luck until I …

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Tim's Surf & Turf

Eating Out : Tim’s Surf and Turf, Darwin NT

February 18th 2014

Some mates were moving back to Adelaide and organised their farewell dinner at Tim’s Surf and Turf.  We had heard good things about this place so we walked in with great expectations.   The restaurant is surrounded by a full …

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Op Shopping

Budget Travel : Op Shopping

February 14th 2014

  We love op shops and second hand stores.    For under $50, Dave got his entire work wardrobe of three pairs of pants, five shirts, a pair of shoes and even a bag.  Juz scored Arnie’s autobiography Total Recall …

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Ta Ta Lizard

Wildlife in our Backyard!

February 10th 2014

Asian House Gecko Scientific name: Hemidactylus frenatus    Part of the lizard family, geckos usually hang around the warmer parts of Australia, so there is no wonder why they love Darwin.  The ones that hang around our house are Asian …

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Jamaica Blue

Eating Out : Jamaica Blue, Casuarina NT

February 2nd 2014

We were due for another café breakfast and chose to visit some place close to home so we ventured to Casuarina Shopping Centre to break our fast at Jamaica Blue.  This franchise is run by an Australian company and has …

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Australia Day

Australia Day in Darwin

January 29th 2014

The best way to celebrate Australia Day is with your best mates, but because all of our best mates are back in Melbourne, we focused our attention on how Darwin celebrates Australia Day.  We wanted to do as much as …

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