New South Wales

Eurobodalla 2015-07-31 005w

Explore : South Coast NSW – Eurobodalla & the Sapphire Coast

February 1st 2016

  We hit the south coast of NSW at Batemans Bay, after our tour of Canberra and the Capital Country. Batemans Bay is within the Eurobodalla Shire, which also includes Bodalla, Narooma and the Tilba region.   Our favourite moments here …

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The Big Merino, Goulburn NSW

January 14th 2016

  One of the more well know big things, the Big Merino is a huge ram made of concrete that stands 15.2 metres tall, 18 metres long and weights a whopping 97 tonnes.  The brainchild of two Hungarian brothers, Attila …

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Shoalhaven 2015-07-26 006w

Explore : Jervis Bay & Shoalhaven

January 11th 2016

  The Shoalhaven region is between the Illawarra and Eurobodalla shires and is a quick two hour drive from Sydney.  It’s decorated with some of the most amazing coastline, with beautiful beaches, turquoise water, and a few cafes and wineries. …

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Shoalhaven 2015-07-29 004

Eating Out : Coastal Kitchen & Coffee

January 7th 2016

  Coastal Kitchen & Coffee is a bright and eclectic cafe in the historic little town of Milton on the Shoalhaven coast.  We highly recommend this place if you’re passing through the area, not only because our mates Joe and …

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Illawarra 2015-07-21 009w

Explore : The Illawarra Coast

January 4th 2016

  Illawarra is the coastal region south of Sydney and includes Wollongong, Shellharbour and Kiama.  There’s plenty to see along the coast, including great beaches, lighthouses and blowholes.  If you venture up onto the escarpment, there are some wonderful lookouts. …

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Merry Christmas – enjoy the holidays!

December 23rd 2015

  Hi all,   We’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year… and what a year it’s been!   We started 2015 in Cairns, where we stayed until May, working and biding …

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Central West 2015-07-18 040w

2015 Troopcarriers of Australia Winter Ramble

December 21st 2015

  We’re so proud that we decided to buy a Toyota Troopcarrier for our trip around Australia.  It’s taken us to some really amazing places around the country and it still amazes us with some of the things it’s capable …

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Central West 2015-07-17 168w

Wildlife : Taronga Western Plains Zoo

December 17th 2015

  Taronga Western Plains Zoo is located in Dubbo and features a beautiful range of animals, including many native to Africa.  You might wonder whether the climate in Dubbo is the same to that in Africa, and we certainly wondered …

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Central West 2015-07-17 300w

Explore : The Central West

December 14th 2015

  The Central West region in New South Wales is the area west of the Blue Mountains and includes Young in the south, Dunedoo in the north and Parkes in the West.  It’s a wet region that’s high in elevation …

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Blue Mountains 2015-07-13 041w

Explore : The Blue Mountains

December 10th 2015

  The Blue Mountains are about 50km west of Sydney and form a part of the Great Dividing Range. They get their name from a blue haze caused by the sunlight mixing with tiny droplets of oil that are released …

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Blue Mountains 2015-07-13 061w

Blue Mountains YHA

December 7th 2015

  One of our favourite YHA hostels in Australia, the Blue Mountains YHA is within a restored National Trust building with a beautiful art deco interior.  It was built in 1918 as a guesthouse called Homesdale, but during the 1920s …

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$100 front

$100 Day : Sydney

December 4th 2015

  Sydney is the biggest city in Australia, so this $100 Day was epic.  So epic that you might have to split it into a few days to make sure you can get the most out it!   We’d like …

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City Profile : Sydney

November 30th 2015

  Sydney is big, beautiful, colourful, and exhausting.  We spent several days in the city, walking around and trying to see as much as possible, but we still didn’t see everything.  We’d always run out of steam and head back …

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