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Camp cooking by the Murray @ Loveday 4x4 Adventure Park

Travel Tucker : 9 Great Camping Staples

March 6th 2015

While it’s alright to have a packet of chips and a few biscuits here and there, if you’re going on a road trip or a camping holiday, you can’t rely on junk food to keep you going. Here is a …

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Plant Profile :  Mistletoe

August 17th 2014

Name: Mistletoe Scientific Classification: Australia has two species, Loranthaceae  and Santalacaea Location: all over Australia, except for Tasmania.   They are a parasitic plant that grows on trees and shrubs.  Their modified root system, called haustoria, burrows into the bark …

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Travel Tucker : Cheap & Healthy Foods

April 10th 2014

  One of the best parts about camping is being outdoors – the trees, the grass, the fresh air – it brings you closer to nature, as they say.  Unfortunately, all of the goodness of the great outdoors can be …

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Egg, bacon & zucchini

Cooking : Stuff you can cook on a free BBQ

August 12th 2013

One of the things that have been consistently useful while we’ve been travelling around Australia are the free electric or gas BBQ facilities at various parks.  You will find one in nearly every town that you pass through, and it’s …

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Recipe : Damper

Recipe : Damper

July 8th 2013

Sometimes, making your own bread is much more economical than buying loaves that can go moldy in a few days.  Here is a recipe for plain damper, as well as some flavour suggestions if you want to mix it up …

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Bush Passionfruit

Plant Profile : Bush Passionfruit

July 5th 2013

  Name: Bush Passionfruit Scientific Classification: Passiflora foetida Alternative Names: wild passionfruit, stinking passionfruit   Native to South America, the bush passionfruit is a climbing vine with a thin stem and broad leaves that are covered in little hairs.  During …

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Cookie Dough - peanut butter

Recipe : Cookie Dough

May 23rd 2013

This recipe requires one of two things – chronic elbow grease and a sturdy fork to mash and mix the ingredients together, or a food processor, electric or manual, to make light of the hard work.  Dave surprised Juz with …

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The Busselton Jetty

Fishing : Busselton Jetty

March 6th 2013

Busselton is a coastal city at the top end of the Margaret River region and is one of the fastest growing areas in Western Australia.  It has been voted the best tourist town three times in the last 20 years …

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Tutti Frutti & Mocha Overnight Oats

Recipe : Overnight Oats

February 12th 2013

This is a super easy breakfast if you are organised enough to prepare it the night before. Perfect for camping and early mornings, it’s simply a matter of eat and go.  Enjoy your breakfast on a secluded beach or on …

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Meat biscuits in a laco with sweet potato

Recipe : Meat Biscuits

February 5th 2013

If you want that meaty protein hit without spending $20 a kilo on tinned tuna or chicken, try meat biscuits!  Mince meat at the supermarket costs between $6 and $12 a kilo, with the regular, fatty meats being cheaper than …

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The Big Cherries

Big Things : The Big Cherries, Pages Flat SA

January 18th 2013

  Not officially a ‘Big Thing’, but we think they’re pretty big – the Big Cherries are located at Fleurieu Cherries, a farm that grows 20 varieties of cherries that you can purchase or pick yourself.  They even make cherry …

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The Importance of Being Hydrated

January 7th 2013

Water is good for you.   Water helps to transport nutrients around your body, it moisturises the air that goes into your lungs, regulates metabolism and body temperature, and makes up a large percentage of your body parts.  There are many other …

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Our Shopping List

October 10th 2012

  When the time came to write this list, it was unanimously decided that we wanted to keep it simple but wholesome. This meant choosing items that were low in sugar and nutritionally dense, and making healthy swaps wherever possible. …

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