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Hobart 2016-02-26 079w

City Profile : Hobart

April 14th 2016

  Hobart is a beautiful city that has retained the nostalgia of its history beautifully. Founded in 1804 as a penal colony, Hobart was initially known as Hobart Town or Hobarton, after Lord Hobart, the colonial secretary. Settlement wasn’t easy …

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Shoalhaven 2015-07-29 004

Eating Out : Coastal Kitchen & Coffee

January 7th 2016

  Coastal Kitchen & Coffee is a bright and eclectic cafe in the historic little town of Milton on the Shoalhaven coast.  We highly recommend this place if you’re passing through the area, not only because our mates Joe and …

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Sydney 2015-07-20 069w

Eating Out : Great places for a bite in Sydney

November 27th 2015

  We were spoilt for choice when it came to food. There are so many cafes, pubs, restaurants and eateries – more than we had ever seen on our travels – so we aimed for either the best or the …

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XXXX Brewery 2015-06-03 071w

Attraction : The XXXX Brewery

August 21st 2015

  When it comes to beer in Queensland, you can’t get any more iconic than XXXX.  Get educated about the golden blood that runs through the veins of Queensland with a tour of the XXXX Brewery.  The extensive 90 minute …

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Townsville 2015-04-29 220w

Eating Out : Townsville Brewing Company

June 21st 2015

  In 2001, Townsville’s old Post Office building was redeveloped and turned into a restaurant, function centre and brewery.  The décor of the place croons smooth and classy with plush velour couches, baroque wallpaper, barrel lid tables and yellow felt …

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Ganbaranba Noodle Colosseum Cairns

Eating Out : Ramen in Cairns

May 11th 2015

  Just in case you didn’t know, ramen is a Japanese noodle dish served with broth. The base of the broth can be miso, soy, fish, pork, or chicken and the dish can be served with a variety of things …

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Cairns Pizza Quest - Oasis

Eating Out : Our Epic Cairns Pizza Quest

April 29th 2015

  While we were in Cairns, we decided to go and try to find the best pizza in town.  We sampled 11 pizzas from places in the city centre and surrounding suburbs, and were surprised by the amount of variation …

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Port Douglas

Eating Out : The Little Larder, Port Douglas QLD

March 21st 2015

  We drove up to Port Douglas to spend the day and stopped in at the Little Larder for lunch.  What drew us in was their sign that read, “serious sandwiches made by chefs”.  Sandwiches have a lot of potential.  …

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Eating Out : Cooktown Hotel, Cooktown QLD

February 10th 2015

  No visit to Cooktown is complete without checking out the Top Pub.   Because we arrived in Cooktown on AFL Grand Final weekend, the pub was packed with rough sheilas and burly men in wife-beaters and short shorts.  We …

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Bamaga Tavern

Eating Out : Bamaga Tavern, Bamaga QLD

January 19th 2015

  We had already visited the westernmost pub in Denham, and now that we had been to the Tip of Australia, it was time to find the northernmost pub.  That pub is the Bamaga Tavern.   We lingered town around …

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Eating Out : Weipa Bowls Club, Weipa QLD

January 6th 2015

  We were in Weipa for Dave’s birthday and we checked out all the eateries before settling on the Weipa Bowls Club for dinner.  It was a nice venue with a sports bar, pokies area and the bistro overlooked the …

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Cape York

Eating Out : Out of the Blue Cafe, Portland Roads QLD

January 3rd 2015

  We heard a rumour that a café at Portland Roads was well worth visiting, with claims that it was possibly the best seafood on the Cape.  We weren’t super hungry but figured that a coffee couldn’t hurt.  If the …

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Natural Wonders : Undara Volcanic National Park

November 24th 2014

  About 190,000 years ago, when Australia was a lot different to what it is now, there was an eruption.  Not a violent, ‘Dante’s Peak’ eruption.  The ground grumbled, dark smoke and steam billowed from a crack in the rocky …

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