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SPAM Bacon Carbonara

Recipe : SPAM Bacon Carbonara

January 12th 2015

  Just in case you’re thinking that we store SPAM as a regular staple in our pantry, we don’t, but after the few recipes that we’ve tried, we might have to include it.  Tinned tuna and sardines can get tiresome …

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SPAM Turkey Burgers

Recipe : SPAM Turkey Burgers

June 29th 2014

  We had already tried SPAM ham with cabbage and onions, and liked it, so Juz was keen on another SPAM Recipe – this time, Turkey Burgers!   Ingredients 1 tbs oil 1 can of SPAM turkey breast, cut into …

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SPAM Cabbage

Recipe : SPAM Cabbage

June 5th 2014

  After listening to a Stuff You Should Know podcast about SPAM, Juz was really curious about what it tastes like.  Having everlasting ham on hand could be a good thing, right?  She decided to buy a can and experiment …

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Egg, bacon & zucchini

Cooking : Stuff you can cook on a free BBQ

August 12th 2013

One of the things that have been consistently useful while we’ve been travelling around Australia are the free electric or gas BBQ facilities at various parks.  You will find one in nearly every town that you pass through, and it’s …

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Recipe : Pan’bacon’cakes

July 30th 2013

Hello – Juz here…  Allow me to blow your mind.   A few years ago, I went on a cooking adventure and made a turbaconducken.  Cooking the turbaconducken was so much fun and it was so delicious, it inspired me to …

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Recipe : Damper

Recipe : Damper

July 8th 2013

Sometimes, making your own bread is much more economical than buying loaves that can go moldy in a few days.  Here is a recipe for plain damper, as well as some flavour suggestions if you want to mix it up …

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Noodles from Chinatown

Eating In : Chinatown, Broome WA

June 18th 2013

We were excited about having some Asian food when we got to Broome but as usual, the price was not right.  We simply could not justify spending that amount of money for one meal, when we could easily feed the …

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Apple, onion and herb topping!

Review : Kitchen King Pro

June 11th 2013

Before we left for our adventure, Dave saw that Juz would be missing her food processor so he got her a very special present – a Kitchen King Pro.   This tool is basically a hand-powered food processor.  It has …

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Cookie Dough - peanut butter

Recipe : Cookie Dough

May 23rd 2013

This recipe requires one of two things – chronic elbow grease and a sturdy fork to mash and mix the ingredients together, or a food processor, electric or manual, to make light of the hard work.  Dave surprised Juz with …

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Tutti Frutti & Mocha Overnight Oats

Recipe : Overnight Oats

February 12th 2013

This is a super easy breakfast if you are organised enough to prepare it the night before. Perfect for camping and early mornings, it’s simply a matter of eat and go.  Enjoy your breakfast on a secluded beach or on …

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Meat biscuits in a laco with sweet potato

Recipe : Meat Biscuits

February 5th 2013

If you want that meaty protein hit without spending $20 a kilo on tinned tuna or chicken, try meat biscuits!  Mince meat at the supermarket costs between $6 and $12 a kilo, with the regular, fatty meats being cheaper than …

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Rice Fruit Slice

Recipe : Rice Fruit Slice

January 16th 2013

      Got milk?  Nearly passed it’s Use By date?   Make Rice Fruit Slice!  it’s cheap and easy yet delicious and without any added sugar.  Here’s the recipe – give it a crack.     Ingredients 2 cups …

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The ingredients - lamb liver, zucchini, ham and onion...

Recipe : Lambs Fry

January 1st 2013

Hi everyone – Juz here.   Dave and I were walking along the beach in Port Elliot the other day, talking about the price of meat.  To get a tin of tuna or chicken that can be stored for weeks, …

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