Big Things

Flavour Trail 2016-02-21 018w - Copy

Flavour Trail : Between Devonport and Launceston

March 13th 2016

  The drive from Devonport to Launceston is a tasty trip – make sure you stop at every location to get a true feel of the local produce of the region. Each place is worth a visit, and there is …

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The Big Merino, Goulburn NSW

January 14th 2016

  One of the more well know big things, the Big Merino is a huge ram made of concrete that stands 15.2 metres tall, 18 metres long and weights a whopping 97 tonnes.  The brainchild of two Hungarian brothers, Attila …

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Newcastle 2015-06-25 003w

Big Things : The Big Mosquito, Hexham NSW

October 27th 2015

    The Big Mosquito was built in 1993 and is nicknamed Ozzie the Mozzie.  It is located outside the Hexham Bowls Club and is modelled after a local mosquito called the Hexham Grey.  The original Ozzie disappeared in 2010 …

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Tuncurry-Forster 2015-06-22 001w

Big Things : The Big (Little) Ayers Rock, Karuah NSW

October 23rd 2015

  This has got to be one of the worst big things we have ever seen, not only because it’s as ugly as a dropped pie but also because it’s not big at all – it’s actually SMALLER than the …

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Hunter Valley 2015-06-22 024w

Big Things : The Big Kookaburra, Kurri Kurri NSW

October 15th 2015

Possibly one of the newest big things, this 4.5 metre sculpture of a kookaburra was erected in 2009 to celebrate Hydro Aluminium’s 40th year in the area.  Hydro Aluminium is a Norwegian company that has projects in more than 50 …

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Port Macquarie 2015-06-21 165w

The Big Lawn Bowl, Lake Cathie NSW

October 9th 2015

  When we heard of the Big Bowl, we were expecting a big bowl… something that you eat your cereal out of, not a big lawn bowl!  For that reason, we nearly drove past this big thing!   The Big …

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New England 2015-06-20 014w

Big Things : The Big Golden Guitar, Tamworth NSW

October 5th 2015

  Tamworth is the country music capital of Australia, so it seems apt to have a giant guitar to commemorate that.  The Big Golden Guitar is 12 metres tall and is a replica of the award given out at the …

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Coffs Coast 2015-06-18 166w

The Big Banana, Coffs Harbour NSW

September 27th 2015

  The Big Banana is Australia’s first big thing!  It was built in 1964 outside a banana plantation to draw in customers but over the years, it’s grown into a massive tourist attraction and amusement park.  The Big Banana recently celebrated its 50th …

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Northern Rivers 2015-06-17 025w

Big Things : The Big Prawn, Ballina NSW

September 21st 2015

  Built in 1989, the Big Prawn started off tail-less and sat upon the West Ballina transit centre.  Visitors could go into a viewing deck within the Prawn’s head and lookout through its bulging eyes.  It’s since undergone a makeover …

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Sunshine Coast 2015-05-17 091w

The Big Pelican, Noosaville QLD

August 17th 2015

  Located at Noosaville Lions Park along the Noosa River, the Big Pelican was built around 1977 as a float for the Festival of Waters Parade.  As the emblem of Noosa Council at the time, it’s called Percy the Pelican, …

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Sunshine Coast 2015-05-17 068w

Big Things : The Big Cow, Yandina QLD

August 15th 2015

  The Big Cow is located just north of Nambour and was built by Hugh Anderson in 1976 – he’s the guy who is responsible the Big Bulls of Rockhampton.  The Big Cow is made of cement, stands 15 metres …

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Sunshine Coast 2015-05-17 048w

Big Things : The Big Pineapple, Nambour QLD

August 11th 2015

  The Big Pineapple is a heritage listed tourist attraction located just south of Nambour on the Sunshine Coast.  It stands 16 metres high and has an informative display inside, with a spiral staircase that takes you to a look …

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Central Highlands 2015-05-05 013w

Big Things of the Central Highlands

July 13th 2015

As we drove through the Central Highlands, we were anticipating the gemstone towns of Rubyvale, Sapphire and Emerald to be bright and sparkly.  While Emerald was absolutely lovely, the most exciting things about the other two towns were their big …

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