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BURIED : Our Tasmanian treasure is ready to be found!

May 17th 2016

Arrr me hearties – do ye like some adventure? How about ye go and find our buried treasure! It’s buried in the bush, this one will be hard to find. If you know the Hungarian word for apple, you’ll be …

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Show Us Your Pics of Tassie WINNERS!

March 7th 2016

After two short weeks of touring around our little island state, we’re back in Melbourne again. We had a great time in Tassie, soaking up the beautiful landscape, tasting all the yummy local produce, and meeting all the friendly wildlife.   Stay tuned for our posts …

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Show us your pics TITLE TASMANIA

Show Us Your Pics… OF TASSIE!

February 19th 2016

To celebrate our lap of Tassie, we are running a very special Show Us Your Pics – Tasmania edition!   Send us your favourite pictures of Tasmania and you could be the winner of our ONA Show Us Your Pics …

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BURIED : Our ACT Treasure is ready to be found!

January 21st 2016

Arrr me hearties – do ye like some adventure? How about ya go and find our buried treasure! You must go up and then look out, Before you know what we’re talking about.     Remember darker times and begin …

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Cape York

Top 5 Things About Queensland

September 17th 2015

  We crossed the border into Queensland at the beginning of September 2014, and didn’t leave the sunshine state until June 2015.  In the ten months that we spent in Queensland, we drove through the outback, went to the northern …

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Tamborine Mountain 2015-06-10 002w

Adventure : Thunderbird Park

September 11th 2015

  Thunderbird Park is the ultimate destination in Mount Tambourine.  You really don’t need to go anywhere else.  Set on 120 acres of rainforest, Thunderbird Park can take care of your meals and accommodation while you go on an adventure …

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XXXX Brewery 2015-06-03 071w

Attraction : The XXXX Brewery

August 21st 2015

  When it comes to beer in Queensland, you can’t get any more iconic than XXXX.  Get educated about the golden blood that runs through the veins of Queensland with a tour of the XXXX Brewery.  The extensive 90 minute …

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Lake Elphinstone 2015-05-05 038w

Camping : Lake Elphinstone

July 7th 2015

  We didn’t know what to expect.  We’d heard about the place, but there was no raving – as far as we knew it was simply a campground by a lake but we were pleasantly surprised to find much more. …

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FOUND : QLD Treasure has been found!

June 16th 2015

Arrr me hearties – do ye like some adventure? How about ya go and find our buried treasure! It’s somewhere really natural. Follow the green wall, Under a rocky bridge, where the waters fall.     Yes it’s dark, but there’s …

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Townsville 2015-04-29 062w

Attraction : Reef HQ Great Barrier Reef Aquarium

June 12th 2015

  Did you know that sea stars have no brains or blood and they digest their food outside of their body by protruding their stomach out of their mouth?  Did you know that sharks have a special ‘electrosense’ that allows …

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Paronella Park 2015-04-25 231w

Attraction : Paronella Park

May 30th 2015

  We will never forget our experience at Paronella Park.  As soon as we parked the Troopy, we were warmly greeted by Mark the owner, and right from the beginning we knew we were somewhere special.     Paronella Park …

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Oodnadatta Track

Second Year On The Road

May 10th 2015

Australia Day in Darwin  Wildlife in our backyard!   Cocosaurus Cove   Litchfield National Park   Kakadu National Park   Cutta Cutta Caves Edith Falls Lorella Springs Wilderness Park Caranbirini Conservation Reserve   Devil’s Marbles   Wycliff WellAileron Arltunga Historical …

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Melbourne 2015 2015-04-13 014

Melbourne Hiatus 2015

April 25th 2015

It was hard to believe that it had been an entire year since we were last in Melbourne, so when it was time to fly home for Dave’s sister’s wedding, we were excited about seeing everyone.  It just so happened that another …

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