30 Days of Packing

30 Days of Packing Spare Parts

Day 30 : Spare Parts

November 30th 2012

WOO HOO!!  Day 30!  We finally made it!   To celebrate the last day of 30 Days of Packing, we proudly present the Truck’s spare parts, fresh from 4x4World.com.au, because a gum nut and handful of grass won’t replace a burst radiator …

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30 Days of Packing Shovels and Toilet Paper

Day 29 : Shovels & Poo Tickets

November 29th 2012

If you don’t have a flushing toilet nearby, you’re gonna have to brave the woods.   It’s quite simple – when nature calls, wander out far enough so that you will have some privacy but close enough so you don’t …

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30 Days of Packing Outdoor Jackets & Hiking Boots

Day 28 : Outdoor Jackets & Hiking Boots

November 28th 2012

We’re planning to do plenty of exploring in the outback, and to ensure that we are prepared for all the elements, we’re packing windproof, waterproof jackets.   Hiking boots can be a bit pricey but we were lucky to catch …

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30 Days of Packing - Cameras!

Day 27 : Cameras!

November 27th 2012

Regardless of whether it’s an old SLR, digital compact camera or your iPhone, a picture is worth a thousand words.   Sometimes a scene or event can leave you speechless, which is why capturing these moments and sharing them with others …

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30 Days of Packing Spot Lights

Day 26 : Driving Lights

November 26th 2012

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that… and what better way than with some wicked driving lights from Bush Junkie 4WD and Camping!   These guys are hooked up to be operational when high beams are used …

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30 Days of Packing Accommodation Holiday Guides

Day 25 : Accommodation Guides

November 25th 2012

We love camping but when we are in cities and towns, it will be good to know where we can rest up for the night.  An accommodation guide is a great planning tool because it contains locations, contact numbers and …

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30 Days of Packing Workout Gear

Day 24 : Exercise Gear

November 24th 2012

Just because we’re travelling, it doesn’t mean we should slack off and let ourselves go.  We will be doing plenty of walking, but if we find that we have some excess energy, why not let off some steam with a …

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30 Days of Packing - Jerry Can

Day 23 : A Jerry Can

November 23rd 2012

Another must-have for travelling in remote areas – always, ALWAYS, carry extra fuel. There are too many stories about people who run out of fuel and get stuck in the middle of nowhere.   A jerry can is also useful …

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30 Days of Packing - Barmah Hats, Sunnies & Sunscreen

Day 22 : Barmah Hats, Sunnies & Sunscreen

November 22nd 2012

The Slip Slop Slap campaign that was launched by the Cancer Council in 1980 was the most successful campaign in raising awareness about the risks of skin cancer – slip on a shirt, slop on some sunscreen and slap on …

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30 Days of Packing Eco-friendly cleaning products

Day 21 : Eco-friendly cleaning products

November 21st 2012

We are going to spend a lot of time in the bush and are mindful about how our cleaning products will impact the environment.  We don’t want to use any harsh chemicals that might cause pollution and harm so we’ve …

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30 Days of Packing Tea & Coffee

Day 20 : Tea & Coffee

November 20th 2012

We are huge tea drinkers and love warming ourselves up at night with a brew of dandelion tea, rooibos, chamomile or caffeine-free green tea.   Coffee is a loved and necessary morning ritual and is the first thing on our lips when …

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30 Days of Packing Insect Repellent

Day 19 : Insect Repellent

November 19th 2012

Louie the Fly will be the least of your problems out in the bush.   To keep Marvin the Mozzie and Simon the Sandfly from biting your bits, stock up on some insect repellent or you’ll end up looking like …

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30 Days of Packing Lighting

Day 18 : Lighting & torches

November 18th 2012

It never gets dark in the city, but when you’re in the middle of nowhere, the darkness can make you feel blind.  If the bright moon is not around to show you the way, you’re gonna need a portable light. …

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