Car Trouble : Wiring

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We’ve been on the road for less than a month and while we hoped that it would never happen, we have come across a bit of car trouble.


The first instance of annoyance was in Warrnambool.  We parked the car to go for a wander around town and when we returned two hours later, the Troopy wouldn’t start – it wouldn’t even try to turn over!  A guy who had parked his car behind us returned to his car shortly afterwards and his wouldn’t start either, except his car was trying turning over.


After consulting the trusty Troopy manual, Dave disconnected the batteries and cleaned the terminals, but no success.  Luckily, we were near a construction site and politely asked for a jump start from one of the tradies.  While there was no success at first, the Troopy eventually started.  We promptly drove to the closest auto-electrician and he tested the batteries, only to say that they were both fine!


We had suspicions about the immobiliser but went to Repco and purchased an emergency jump starter kit – just in case.


Dave fixing a wiring issue in the Troopy


We were fine for about a week.  After spending two excellent days in Mount Gambier, we were packed up and were ready to go, but the car wouldn’t start again and it looked like the same problem as in Warrnambool.


Dave disconnected the batteries and cleaned the terminals again – no success, like last time.  We called the immobiliser company and they referred us to the local auto-electrician, but how were we supposed to get there when we couldn’t move the car!


We were figuratively stuck in the mud so Dave’s problem solving skills geared up and he got to work.  If the immobiliser was the issue, then if it was removed, problem solved – but no success!  Next, he hooked up the jump starter kit to see if anything would happen – NADA!  We were starting to get frustrated, and checkout time was approaching. Juz ran over to reception, explained the delay and the BIG4 staff were extremely understanding and allowed for us to stay until the problem was solved.


After three hours of mucking around, Dave checked the wiring near the battery again and found a scabby wire.  As soon as the area was rewired and the immobiliser reinstalled, the Troopy was purring like the enormous kitten it is, and we were back on the road, heading towards Beachport.


One thought on Car Trouble : Wiring

  1. feri on said:

    Great Dave !! Proud of you …
    This shows how easy to ‘bog’ down..Try to remember this, if you guys wonder away from the main road !! Anyway it is good that you can think and not panic.. Is enough to be anoid… and perhaps loose a bit of a confidace in the vehicle.. that might come back in time!!



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