Camping : Juz’s Tips for Staying Attractive While In The Bush

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This is not a post about choosing the best stilettos for the desert or which mascara to use while bushwalking in the Daintree. Before you get too excited about hot makeup trends, mani-pedis and facials, let’s bring ourselves back to reality.


Camping is no place for high heels, bandage dresses, and make up kits the size of Country Road bags. In fact, camping is the opposite of those things. I learnt this very early on in our travels.


Camping with makeup


Back at home in Melbourne, I was the dryer/straightener kinda gal with the liquid eyeliner, red lippy, hair dye and high-maintenance fringe. Now? Well, I hardly ever wear makeup anymore and my hair colour is almost back to being natural. While I may look different, I don’t feel less attractive because being attractive isn’t about caking your face with a variety of colours.


So, because attractiveness caters to all the senses – sight, sound, smell, touch… taste – here are my tips for staying attractive while camping – all while being confident, considerate and without too many complaints. And guys – feel free to take notes…





Your skin is the biggest organ of the body and does a lot of different jobs. Keeping it moist and supple ensures that it can protect your body from external invaders and reduce water loss.  Plus, smooth, soft skin is totally hot.


Therefore, drink plenty of water and moisturise. Increase your protection even more with a moisturiser that has sunscreen. For my face, I’ve recently discovered BB Cream, which is a 5-in-1 blemish and beauty balm that evens out my skin tone, reduces blemishes and provides sun protection. Previously, I used Akin with rosehip oil because it smelt awesome and felt great on my skin.




To avoid smelling like a bag of rotting onions by the end of the day, buy a decent antiperspirant with a deodorizing agent. Deodorants kill the bacteria that cause stinkiness while antiperspirants reduce sweating.


Make sure you change the brand and scent of your antiperspirant every once in a while to avoid getting used to your own smell, and it might also be a good idea to choose a type that doesn’t leave white marks on your clothes – you don’t usually take a whole wardrobe of clothes on a camping trip and you don’t always have the convenience of a washing machine.


Lip Balm

There is simply nothing worse than being stranded without lip balm. The skin gets tight and the more you lick your lips, the worse it gets. Then someone cracks a joke, you smile and BAM – the skin splits, it hurts more and you start getting flaky bits around your mouth. Not attractive.


If you can, buy multipacks because lip balms have a knack of getting lost, dirty or at the bottom of the washing machine. Steer clear of the tub varieties because when you’re out camping, more often than not, your finger is dirty and you don’t want to be sticking it into your tub of precious lip moisturiser. My favourites are: Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm and Blistex Lip Conditioning Balm.





A really great pair of tweezers goes a long way. Rogue hairs on your brows, upper lip and chin can be easily sorted, and they will also deal with splinters and shards of glass. If I don’t have some tweezers on hand, the pliers on my Leatherman do the trick just fine, and it’s a great way to pass the time when you’re in the middle of nowhere.



This point covers almost all of those attractiveness senses, particularly smell and taste. It addresses oily hair, fuzzy teeth, onion pits, sour sweat, sushi knickers and cheese sticks. If you don’t have access to a shower, go for the good old bucket o’ water instead, and don’t be precious about the temperature.


Bucket bathing


So there you have it! I suppose the underlying message is to clean yourself up without being preoccupied with the details.  However, I’d love to hear you!  What are your tips for staying attractive while in the bush?


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2 thoughts on Camping : Juz’s Tips for Staying Attractive While In The Bush

  1. Jane on said:

    That is such a cracker of an article! Laughed all the way through. My top tip for a deodorant came from a friend just recently (after I had just ordered a bottle of expensive deodorant for the first time ever) is bi-carb of soda! A tiny amount dabbed under the arms works a treat!Wish I had known that years ago! Mind you, would need to be careful taking wee samples in through customs anywhere incase go getting nabbed as a drug carrier suspect!

    Keep up the great posts!!

  2. Jane on said:

    …er, of course i meant ‘wee’ as in ‘tiny’ samples in the previous comment!!

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