Camping in the Riverland

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There are heaps of places to camp along the Murray River in the Riverland Region, whether it’s within a national park or a free site along the river.  Parks that require a permit include Murray River National Park, Danggali Conservation Reserve, Chowilla Game Reserve and Loch Luna Game Reserve.  These are available via Parks SA.


Loveday 4×4 Adventure Park

This privately owned 4×4 playground is located right on the Murray River and offers secluded camping, yabbying, fishing and 4×4 driving practice on their excellent touring track.  There is also a pair of lakes that are joined by a small creek, causing them to look like a pair of spectacles – hence the name Spectacle Lake.



There is a fee for this campground.  Check out our post on Loveday 4×4 Adventure Park.



Maize Island Lagoon Conservation Park

Along the river are a series of lagoons that birds love to hang about in.  You have the choice of setting up camp right on the river or next to one of the idyllic lagoons.  At sunrise, watch the cliffs along the Murray burn gold and orange, casting beautiful reflections on the water.



Plushs Bend Campground, Renmark

A quick drive outside of town is Plushs Bend, a great camping spot right on the Murray, with toilets, shade and phone reception.  We met some nice people sitting along the banks and having a few drinks.  There was also a solo traveller that looked like he had pissed some people off in the past because he was missing quite a few teeth.  He got a bit clingy so we escaped early the next morning, knowing that he’d still be in bed with a god-awful hangover.  Of course, this annoyance can happen anywhere, not just at Plushs Bend, so please don’t be discouraged about our experience.  The campground is beautiful.



Martins Bend Campground, Berri

Another free camping area next to the Murray which is just outside of town.  No camping is allowed on the lawn between the river and the driveway, but there is plenty of space on the other side of the driveway to find a nook.  There are toilets, a dump point, a caretaker, BBQs and picnic areas, as well as phone reception.



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