Camping : Darling River, Menindee NSW

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Once we had recovered from our mates’ wedding in Broken Hill, we packed up the car and headed into the NSW outback.  The first stop was Menindee, and we stopped at the Maidens Menindee Hotel on Yarlta Street for a refreshment.


This was the first pub we went to when we got into town and it was the locals who told us about camping on the Darling River.  Their beer garden is great and they even have a communal ring-toss set so you can have a game while relax in the country air.

Where is it?

Menindee is a 1.5 hour drive south east from Broken Hill.   Just before you get into town, there is a turn off on the left, and this road will lead you to Pamamaroo Lake.


Follow it to the lake, past the weir and along the banks of the Darling River.  A dirt path weaves through the trees and dotted along this path are semi-private areas for camping.


GPS Coordinates: -32.333269,142.497139


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History & Culture

Pamamaroo Lake is part of the Menindee Lakes Water Storage System, a man-made system completed in 1968 to control flooding of the Murray River.  By using flood irrigation, the excess water was stored in the lakes and provided a water supply for the mining town of Broken Hill and surrounding flora and fauna.


Food & Drink

We had brought some very convenient pancake mix with us that only required added water so breakfast was taken care of.   We had two fillings available – blueberries or cheese.  Once the pancake is cooked and fluffy, allow to cool before holding it like taco and inserting your desired fillings. It was quick and easy and required minimal clean up.



The isolation of the camping spot

There were only a few times when we heard cars driving past, but because of a bushy barrier between the campsite and the dirt path, we still felt like we had the place to ourselves.


Rufio the Kookaburra

A kookaburra started to loiter around our campsite, especially while I was preparing that night’s dinner.  We were going to have beef stew and I was cubing the beef.  There was a piece of sinew that needed to be removed so I tossed it to the side and became entangled on the twigs of a large branch.   A few minutes later, the kookaburra swooped, gently landed by the fallen branch and started tugging on the meat.



The friendly Menindee locals

We would never have stumbled across this beautiful place if it wasn’t for the staff and locals at the Maiden Menindee pub.   The only lowlight was the surface of the turn-off road that led to Pamamaroo Lake.  It was like driving on corrugated iron, and in the morning we noticed a rattling sound on the Corolla.  We panicked because we were still so far from home but a mechanic at the Menindee Auto Repairs place took a look and fixed it for nothing!


Climbing on the trees leaning over the river

The River red gum trees along the Darling River are huge and many lean over the river, creating an almost horizontal platform on its giant trunk.  We felt like little kids again…


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