Camping : Cobboboonee National Park

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Cobboboonee National Park was established in 2008, making it Victoria’s newest national park.  We were told about a campsite called Surry Ridge so we headed there in the afternoon to set up camp.


After driving through the forest for about an hour without finding any obvious camping spots, we came upon a red dirt clearing and figured this place would be as good as any to set up camp.


Starting a fire was easy enough – there were piles of dried wood scattered in the clearing.  We cooked up a great beef mince stew, polished off a bottle of wine and listened to the surrounding wildlife as the sun set.


The kookaburras were definitely a highlight, with one bird telling a joke and having a chuckle while his mates eventually caught on and started chuckling with him.  The roar of laughter grew louder and louder each time another bird joined in.  The hilarity was infectious and we found ourselves smiling and giggling too.  There were also grunts and growls made by nearby koalas, showing off their manliness during the mating season.


In the morning, we found that there wasn’t much to do around this park other than bush walking, so we packed up and moved onward to Nelson.


For more information on Cobboboonee National Park, visit the Parks Victoria website.


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