Camping : Cave Hill

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A big cave at Cave Hill

We had just completed the massive drive across the Nullarbor and after a brief stint in Norseman, we headed north to our camping destination – Cave Hill.  This granite conservation reserve is located 50km from main road via a dirt track.  It took us about an hour to drive through the beautiful forest of grey and copper gums.


The dirt track was mostly in good condition, except for a few ruts and small washouts here and there. As the sun was setting and we were heading westward, it made the drive all the more interesting. At some points we were completely blinded by the sun and had to back off a little. The track eventually straightened out and we picked up a bit of pace only to hit sudden trough at 60km/h.  Juz screamed a little but Dave reassured her that only one wheel had made it off the ground…



In the morning, we woke up and did the quick 3km hike around Cave Hill.  The path to the summit features a large gaping cave, and once you get to the peak, there is a stunning view of the surrounding scrub, which seems to be endless.  Rainwater was captured within dips in the granite and this created little pools for tadpoles and strange little critters that looked like tadpoles.



Further along the walking trail were rainwater dams with interesting granite fences that redirected rainwater to the dams.  Scurrying lizards, birds and bushes inhabited these moister areas.



You can camp for free at Cave Hill and the facilities include drop toilets, picnic benches and fireplaces, which are only allowed to be used outside of the fire ban season.



We arrived after dark and sat down with Tom and Bella for another round of chatting before we tucked in for the night to the sounds of donkeys in the distance.


Burra Rock

About 40km north of Cave Hill is Burra Rock, another granite conservation reserve managed by the DEC.  There was a great hiking trail to the top, eroded boulders with funny shapes and a big dam that provided relief from the heat.



We got our gear off and went for a quick swim before moving on.



Cooling off at Burra Rock

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